Monday, January 7, 2008

The Michael Dimension

I know a picture says 1000 words, but alas, the battery was dead, so these 274 words will have to suffice. Both of the older kids began basketball through Upwards at a local church. Considering neither has spent a whole lot of time at our driveway net nor under the instruction of a coach, I'm pretty impressed with their ability and progress. Tonight was the first opportunity I had to be entertained by support my son at his practice. And I discovered that when Michael is on the court, he is in The Michael Dimension. I’m quite sure that, had my Better Half been on the sidelines with me, he would have chalked Michael’s behavior up to “just being a boy.” For me, the jury’s still out. But one thing’s for sure: I will have the telephoto lens and the video camera at the next practice. That way, I will properly capture… cute little boy running laps around the gym, arms spread out wide in good airplane fashion--while the rest of the boys obediently jog around as proper children should. silly boy frog-hopping to the back of the free-throw line. Yes, frog-hopping--as in crouched down on all fours. jokester standing directly behind the coach "hiding" and almost tripping him. Yes, I know...Michael Dimension or not, this was disrespectful and won't happen again! gymnast (since when?) trying to do a handstand after being placed in his position at the top of the key.

...the best moments of all--when he makes a basket and looks over at me with a huge grin to make sure I caught it.

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