Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Flat Travelin' Again

I'm not sure what rekindled the enthusiasm, but the kids requested we re-open the Flat Travel Agency again. In the course of our previous flat adventures, Flat Princess Alice, Flat Super Jake, and Flat Super Mike had the opportunity to visit Sutter's Fort in California, King's Island in Ohio, a hospital in Tennessee, Soap Lake in Washington, Washington D.C., and New York City. On their last voyage, the flats went to Indiana, Oklahoma, and England. Unfortunately and for reasons unknown, Flat Princess Alice and Flat Super Mike have gone MIA. It is assumed they have taken up permanent residence in the great states of Indiana and Oklahoma. We are unsure of their condition: Are they laying in a landfill somewhere? Are they crammed in a toybox or closet? Or did their hosts enjoy their compansionship so much they just couldn't part? Whatever the case, we're OK with it, and the kids are thrilled with their new flats, which they made today.

Here we have Flat Football Mike, Flat Mermaiden, Flat Baseball Jake, and Flat Princess. Flat Princess, of course, belongs to our resident princess who, since our last adventure with flats, is now old enough to know when she's being left out of something extraordinarily fun! We have yet to make specific travel plans for our flats but will soon consult with our Homeschool Flat Travelin' Group. Once we have a destination for each of the 4 travelers, we'll send them off to see the world!

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