Thursday, January 10, 2008

All Outside Activities Canceled

The Princess has a cough and 99.9% of the little person population this time of year. Except, for my "gag-prone" little girl, every cough may or may not be followed by vomit. This, coupled with the fact that this week I am an MSM (Married Single Mom), has forced me to cancel all outside activities for the day...including basketball...much to my 8-going-on-teenager's dismay.

Honestly, I would be happy to go to Alex's basketball practice armed with my weapon of choice in this case: a beach towel. But even the towel, poised in catching position, will be a dead giveaway and will draw unwanted glances of suspicion and glares of accusation. And should the unthinkable happen--that I have to use the beach towel to make a catch--I will instantly become the Black Ewe of the Supportive Parents Union. I know because I've placed the label on other well-intentioned parents. And I know because I've seen the stares before. She has, after all, had a cough before. And the unthinkable has happened in a restaurant. Twice. I think her adorable little face is probably plastered on their "Banned from this Establishment" poster hidden beneath the hostesses' podium.

"She just has a cough," I could protest, but I'll still be looked upon as if she has the plague. And mothers will clutch their children a little tighter and quietly get out the hand sanitizer as they mentally try to re-trace their children's steps to ensure they haven't crossed my little girl's path. So it really is just easier to cancel the activities and pray for the all clear before we get to tomorrow night's basketball practice.

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