Wednesday, January 2, 2008


I refuse to set myself up for failure, so I don't set new year's resolutions. After all, we ALL know those are just made to be broken, right? I do, however, like new beginnings and therefore love to see a new year roll in. The new year gives me sort of a starting point from which can spring my new beginnings. 2008 is to be my new beginning, my non-resolution, of getting healthy and back in shape. With all of the eating on the cruise and at various holiday tables, I'm pushing right on past my pre-baby weight again, so it's time. Plus, sometimes I feel like I'm 85--my neck hurts, my back hurts, I have tennis elbow (and not from playing tennis, mind you!) and can barely use my right arm. Just this morning I had a fight with a jar, a battle which my husband had to end up winning for me. For cryin' out loud--I'm still 2 months shy of mid-thirties!!

So for days I've been saying I'm going to start getting up early to work out. I used to work out in the evenings, but evenings have so little time in them, plus the energy of exercise keeps me from sleeping, and falling asleep is already a big enough struggle without contributing to the problem. I could tell my better half was skeptical about my waking up before the sun to go do something I don't particularly care to do. So it probably was my spiteful "I told you so" attitude that kicked my butt out of bed this morning. That and inspiration from a fellow blogger.

I dragged myself into our little "gym", a converted sitting room off of our room. In an attempt to keep from waking my better half, I shuffled along in the dark, feeling around for the TV remote...which I, of course, dropped. I turned on the treadmill which frantically beeped. After I got going, I dropped--and almost broke--his I-Pod. So much for being quiet. At least he was polite enough to pretend to stay asleep. And I had a really good workout...and feel great for it. So I'll be up for another workout tomorrow in the dark, and next week when my better half starts traveling again, I can make all the ruckus I want!

So it's a new beginning for me. My non-resolution not set in stone. Although I suppose I'm putting this all in writing to somehow be held accountable. You know as well as I, however, that I'd never tell if I failed, right?!

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