Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Redneck Snow

Redneck Snow is known to the northern half of the United States as flurries. But I don't have the heart to tell my children that most meterologists would not categorize what is now falling from the sky as "snow." I'm sure they would beg too differ; after all, you can't squash dreams that only occur maybe once a year in Georgia.

They're all out enjoying our little flurry storm to its fullest...even my littlest one who has been a little under the weather. No doubt she'll pay for it later, but the sacrifice is well-worth a few moments of utter delight. And I say "a few moments" because that is exactly how long redneck snow falls. I just overheard Alex say, "If we wait a little while maybe we can make a snowball." Um. Yeah. Sure. I hate to rain, er, snow on her parade, but I'm still seeing brown grass out there. But I love her positive attitude.

If our redneck blizzard continues for any length of time, we may just declare tomorrow a Snow Day. 'Course the rest of the city will be shut down anyway, so that probably makes the most sense.

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