Friday, January 11, 2008

Kinesthetic Spelling

It's been awhile since I've thought about some of the Learning Center activities I provided for my second graders the year I taught at Bethlehem Christian Academy. It's a shame I've gone a half a year without the spelling activities for my kinesthetic learner whose favorite subject is NOT spelling.

Today I got out the cookie sheet with dried rice for him to use as a "writing tablet" for his spelling words. He loved it AND spelled most of his words correctly! He has really struggled with spelling, so this activtity is sure to become a regular. I also intend to pull out some of the other tricks such as spelling with paint, shaving cream, and glue. The glue has several variations. You can use colored, puffy glue or just regular glue and then attach beans or sprinkle on the glitter.

My other two academics enjoyed experimenting with the rice as well. As for my littlest student...she enjoyed herself too, although there wasn't much spelling going on. And most of the rice ended up on the floor after her turn.

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