Sunday, June 3, 2007

A Stitch in Time

On April 28, a litter of five kittens was born. A couple of days later, we went to visit them and to pick out the little gray bundle of fur who would likely become Mr. Stitch Pierce. Since then, it has been a daily exchange: "Is it time yet to bring Stitch home?" "It's not quite time yet." "When will it be time?" Finally, it is time!

Stitch came home yesterday. Shy and scared in his new surroundings and minus his family, Stitch spent the day curled up in a box on a blanket that smelled like Mom. Last night, though, he and I got a bit more acquainted as he cuddled down beside me to watch a movie. Then (much to my dismay), the three kids were up before 7:00 this morning. They informed me that Stitch was "squeaking", and this is what awakened them. Apparently, they are all three very fluent in "Stitch Squeak" because the translation came back to me that he wanted out of the laundry room where I had locked him for the night in hopes that he would learn to use his kitty potty (which he did).

Yesterday, Mark addressed Alex's concerns about Stitch cowering in the box by telling her that soon Stitch would be out and about and acting like he owns the place. Well, Alex need no longer worry that Stitch is not comfortable in his new home; heretofore, he shall be under the impression that he rules the roost (he may have to vie for his position with the Princess, however).

The kids are great with him...very gentle and love watching him and playing with him. Last night, Alex read a book to him and then drew some pictures for him. Jacob informed us that "he really doesn't like books much because he fell asleep while Alex was reading." Audrey gets so excited when she sees her "ditty" that her little feet start running in place as she squeals in delight. I'm sure Stitch looks forward to tonight, however, when he will not constantly have 4 little faces peering at him and 8 fast little feet bounding after him no matter where he goes.

We're all excited that the time finally came for Stitch to join our family. He has certainly made a fun addition!

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