Wednesday, June 6, 2007

HGTV at Our House

As you know, we've had a little construction going on in our backyard for the past few weeks. What you might not know is that several weeks ago, Mark and I were seriously considering selling our house. Because we built the house ourselves, there is a lot of equity in it already after just two years. We thought it might be a good idea to sell and use that equity to pay down a new house. We had a couple of agents in to look at the house and we even went out to see what is "out there." We weren't all that impressed with what is out there, so we changed our mind and decided to fix up our humble abode here on Cox Dr.. So, as we have worked hard over the last few weeks to make our house our own little paradise, we have essentially gone from "Designed to Sell" to "Designed to Stay."

I mentioned in a past post that I'm not a process person, and I stand by what I said. I want the dirt to be gone. I want the various boxes of supplies and tools to be gone. I want to be able to close my gate again. I want to be on my own schedule instead of someone else's. And I want to be able to freely use my bathroom again without fearing that a worker will be peering in at me from the backyard. While I like hard workers, the other morning I heard them outside my bedroom window before I had even gotten out of bed and dressed yet. Granted, I had chosen to sleep in on that particular morning, but it will be nice to wake up to the sounds of birds rather than Spanish and the rattling of tools.

The kids, of course, don't mind it all; it's something different and out of routine, not to mention the fact that they know they'll eventually have a pool out of all of this (the hope I hang on to as well). This past week has probably been the most interesting for them. Monday the pool guys came and put in the concrete around the pool. It's always exciting to watch the concrete shoot in from the hose and then watch the men smooth it all out. Yesterday they came back with a saw to cut grooves into the hardened cement.

The day turned out to be a noisy one because the "concrete sawers" tag-teamed the landscapers who came to cut down 7 trees. Now this was entertainment for the whole family! We all enjoyed sitting at the window watching these trees being taken out, quite quickly I might add. The kids really got a kick out of the whole event when the guy had to shimmy up the tallest tree with his belt harness and spikey shoes in order to gradually cut it down.

Our yard looks enormous to us this morning with all of those trees out. It's brighter too with the new sunshiny spots as well as the reflection of the sun on the new concrete. The pool is just about finished, and clearly you can see that we have a little ways to go still with the landscaping, but we're just about "Designed to Stay!" Once we're finished, HGTV, eat your heart out!

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