Thursday, February 10, 2011

Good to Wow: Hearts Edition, Edited

This week, in between trying to deal with a leaky roof and trying to be a better mom, I also got an opportunity to snap a lot of heart pictures. And here they are along with the edited versions:

SOOC Red Heart

Red Heart

It's cutesy, cutesy, I know. Anyway...this is what I did:
1. basic RAW edits
2. placed a pink/purple texture, adjusted to multiply blending mode
3. new layer (ctrl-j)
4. adjusted new layer to overlay, reduced opacity
5. placed CS cream swirl texture, adjusted to soft light
6. added text

SOOC Hearts

Red Cookie Cutters

1. basic RAW edit
2. crop
3. high pass filter, luminosity blend
4. CS texture 6
5. adjusted to overlay blend @ 100% opacity, brushed off in spots

SOOC Heart Metallic

Metallic Heart

1. basic RAW edit
2. added black gradient fill layer (adjusted to 40%) to take care of some of the excessive side light (I have terrible lighting in my house, so I take most of my pictures right by the kitchen window. If it is an item I am photographing, it often goes on the counter, and the light from the window lights up its side. My next house will have great light.
3. CS Urban grit brushed on to cookie cutter @ 100%
4. placed scratch texture, adjusted to overlay blending mode, 50% opacity,
brushed off cookie cutter with brush @ 50%

SOOC Soul Mate heart

Soul Mate heart

1. used magic extractor to select my husband's hand and make background black (many thanks to Lindsay at Looking for Strawberries for searching for and sending me a tutorial on how to use this wonderful tool!)
2. adjusted tone of hand
3. selected heart and brightened a bit, increased saturation
4. added gaussian blur to hand

SOOC candy hearts LOVE

Candy hearts LOVE 2

1. tilt & crop
2. added texture (oh freckle from Deviant Art), adjusted to 75% opacity
3. brushed off candy hearts at 30%

SOOC Audrey red heart

I totally cheated with this one! I wanted to replace the background with a black background, but I just couldn't get the magic extractor to work on her hair wispies without taking up time I really don't have. So I went and bought a piece of black velvet fabric, which I should have done a long time ago, and re-shot the SOOC:
SOOC Audrey red heart 2

Audrey red heart black background

1. basic RAW edit
2. crop
3. high pass filter and blended in soft light, adjusted to 50%
4. desaturated a bit (I am not a big fan of BRIGHT RED unless it's on a barn or STOP sign. Or apparently my lips as we saw last week, but I wasn't a huge fan of that either; I just did it because the theme was red.)
5. added a gradient layer to soften the glare on her face a bit (still trying to learn to use my new Speedlight.)

SOOC Audrey candy hearts 1

Audrey - just her

I know - there are no hearts in this photo! I just couldn't work well around her arm, and I loved her face so much, I wanted to focus on that. Here are the edits:
1. basic RAW edits
2. selected inverse - blurred background
3. CS Perfect Portrait - used color pop, skin smoothing, and vignette
4. CS Johnna's Tea Party with contrast @ 15%

SOOC Audrey candy hearts 2

Audrey & candy hearts

Audrey with candy hearts
1. basic edit
2. skin smoothing, vignette from CS Perfect Portrait
3. Johnna's Tea Party with contrast at 35%

Here's what I am learning so far in my photographer journey. I need to really work on exposure. I am metering my pictures correctly, but I am still having to constantly up the exposure when I edit them in RAW. Maybe it's because I am inside ALL THE TIME?? (Have I mentioned there has been A LOT of snow up here for our first winter in the Arctic?) That maybe mixed with the poor lighting - perhaps I just need to overexpose them a bit on the meter. Anyway, just thinkin' out loud...


Jill - FNA Photography said...

love your edits - the one with the candy heart in your hand is PERFECT! great job!

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

Love all your shots! The editing you did is wonderful. I love the soul mate one.

allisonhoffman said...

love it, what a great job, I love the texture you added to the metal heart cookie cutter

Ashley Sisk said...

I love so much of what you're doing in editing. As for exposure and having to increase it in post-processing...there are various schools of thought on this. I too, love a brighter image. Run a test - get a perfect exposure and then bump it up a notch so your image looks (in camera) just a touch over-exposed. 9 times out of 10 you can pull it back if needed in editing, but that will reduce some of the noise you may experience when increasing the brightness later. Does that make sense?

kbreints said...

I love all your photos!! I think my favorite is the hand holding the heart. So. so. Great!

Susan said...

Nice edits, they are very crisp and clean! I especially love the cutesy pink background and heart, and the metal cookie cutter.

Winn (aka Koreen) said...

All your edits are really nice... and different. I love how the first one turned out and the blue heart just POPS! Love seeing all of them, really!

Tara said...

I love all of these photos, very creative! Love the first photo and the cookie cutters!

Sarah Halstead said...

I love them all. Wonderful job! I really love the first photo.

Mommy2Four said...

Aww...thanks for the shout out!

You did a great job on the hand shot! I love the red cookie cutter one too...and the ones of your daughter are just PRECIOUS! You're doing such a good job editing!

As far as exposure goes, are you shooting in JPG or RAW? If you shoot in RAW, you have 1/3 of a stop in either direction you can go without losing any image can actually edit closer to a full stop without losing much most of the time.

I find too, that sometimes my shots come out over exposed, but look great on my camera, if I have my LCD screen too bright (ie my valentines day shoot!)

Lynda said...

These edits are great! I especially love what you did with the first shot!

To tack onto what mommy2four mentioned, I have the histogram set to pop up after I take a shot because then it's pretty easy to see whether it's over or underexposed without trusting my LCD.

Michelle said...

Amazing, Lady!! You rocked all these!! I have several favs: both cookie cutter shots (what a great use of texture on that 2nd one!!) the one you reshot to get the right background (nothing wrong with that!) and the first one w/ your girl all dolled up. Just great...

Now, would you be so kind as to share the secret magic extractor with me??? lol! But if you saw my post (I haven't been able to keep up w/ my comments yet!) you saw that I'm not to into creative editing right now, so maybe I don't want to know about the magic extractor!! lol!!

Barb Phillips said... you ROCK

julie said...

All great edits! Really love the one of the cookie cutter with the great texture :)

zippitypow said...

And much props for so many images - so much work! Nicely done!

Brownie said...

You are doing such a great job. I hesitate to even post mine this week! lol!

I love the tin cookie cutter heart.

jillconyers said...

Too many great ones to pick a favorite. Although I keep going back to the cookie cutters.