Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pallets, Leaves, and Garbage

Although our recent weather might fool someone into thinking it is spring, it clearly is not. I wish it was spring because then it would be time to start my first Square Foot Garden. I've gotten a little mini-start, however. Even now in November.

I didn't know I should start my compost now, but my friend Sharon said I should, and she knows stuff. So I decided it was in my best interest and that of my future SFG if I got the compost composting.

A few weeks ago, I was driving Alex back from a birthday party (her third in so many weeks--she's so unsocialized!), and I happened past a home with a backyard stacked high with pallets. (Note: the backyard was open to the busy street, so I was being completely safe.) So I pulled over and had a brief conversation with the owner of the backyard and of the stacks of pallets wherein I found out that he just lost his job and was making ends meet by collecting pallets, disassembling them, and selling the "parts". I asked for three. He offered them to me for free. I paid him a few bucks anyway because how is a guy supposed to make a living giving away stuff for free?

Anyway, those pallets have been sitting in our backyard since then. This weekend my dear husband attached the three pallets, attached wire mesh to the sides, and Voila! I have my compost "bin".

In addition to making my compost bin, he also did the final grass mowing of the season. Those clippings went into my compost pile. And so did the veggie scraps from dinner last night. Which he also cooked. (I do really do stuff around here!) Don't worry I won't be reporting each and every scrap or grass clipping that goes into my compost, but since this was the beginning, I thought it blog worthy.


warmchocmilk said...

A great start on a big project! Heartbreaking about the guy who lost his job, sweet of you to pay him for the pallets. Looking good, keep up the good work! :)

Arby said...

Enjoy your compost!

CrossView said...

Composting may be one of the very few things you can do to get ready at this time of year. LOL!

I keep a big ole coffee container under the sink to add my scraps to until it's full enough to go dump. It fills up quickly. You may need to start drinking coffee so you can add the coffee grounds to your compost... ;o)

Kathleen said...

Crossview ~ Can't I just buy your coffee grounds? :-) (Only the ones you don't put on YOUR compost, of course!)

CrossView said...

You know, I'd be willing to drink more coffee just to have extra coffee grounds to give you. But only for you. ;o)

But- you may HAVE to go to Starbucks regularly. They have a bin of used coffee grounds that they give away. And it would be rude to take those grounds without buying something. So you NEED to go - in the interest of a good garden, of copurse. ;o)

Kathleen said...

Crossview ~ I KNEW there was a reason I'm friends with you!! I sure know how to pick the smart ones!

tsinclair said...

Do I want to start a garden next year. I think I do, but every year I seem to let time get away from me. So much that I am to the point of not even pretending to plan one this time. I will follow yours and maybe will receive the inspiration I need. :-)