Friday, November 20, 2009

Coming Clean About Chocolate

As mature, wise, grown-up moms, we spend a lot of time teaching our children how to be polite, pleasant, kind little people. One of the lessons we spend the most time on is Sharing. You know what? Sometimes I don't like to share! For example, when it comes to chocolate I DON'T WANT TO SHARE.

I found the answer to my practice-what-you-preach-dilemma. And, while I probably would not choose this over a Snickers bar, it is one of my favorite kinds.

Because when I want a piece, I don't have to

sneak into the pantry under the guise of planning tonight's dinner,

slyly shove a piece in my pocket,

tiptoe to my room,

lock the door,

and wolf it down

all the while ignoring the incessant banging on my door.

NOT that I've ever done that.

Nope. With this chocolate, I can

take the whole bag out of the pantry and set it on the counter,

make all the noise I want opening the bag,

take out a piece,

make all the noise I want unwrapping it,

savor every little morsel,

and help myself to seconds

all the while standing in my kitchen ignoring the Chaos around me.

Why? Because none of the kids likes Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate Squares with Raspberry Filling.


Teacher Mommy said...

Oh Em Gee, I LOVE THOSE!!!! And how awesome for you is it that they don't????

Courtney said...

Gasp! Ghirardellis! Heaven in a small foil wrapper.

CrossView said...

It's a sad thing to read what lengths we moms go through to avoid having to share that precious substance. Since mine are older, I just have mine in the morning before they get up. But I love your solution! And it would work with my youngest but NOT my 20-yr old. She has very refined tastes. Darn her.

Cynthia@RunningWithLetters said...

As I mentioned earlier this week during the ottoman debacle--you have simply exquisite taste!

Brownie said...

I have some chocolate stashed in a couple of different places. Just need the fix sometimes!

Vanillastrawberryspringfields said...

I've only heard about Ghirardellis,never had 'em. ANd as of now my world revolves around my callebaut callets & nutella (limited options out here in our tiny state) but these look great & yeah they musb be the kinda chocolate that make u close ur eyes ,roll ur tongue & let it melt,after inhaling the gorgeous aroma
(oh am off to pop a truffle now-handmade by me...)
We have a same chocolate stori as urs in our family too,i was & still am the rat on 2 legs that sniffes out chocolate from any corner & its out before anybody even realizes,but my mom is very safe with her dark chocolate (that i also eye at times,though its rare)hehehehehehe

5thsister said...

Mmmmmmm. The best! Unfortunately, my daughter has exquisite taste in chocolate and would be fighting with me over the last piece! LOL!

Bernie said...

I loved this post. I laughed so hard because I love chocolate too and I don't always like to share. Great writing and great picture at the end.

Have a nice weekend.


Jo@Mylestones said...

So funny! What I wouldn't give to have a shot at some wide-open chocolate scarfing. (My kids like it ALL, so I still sneak around.) :-)

tsinclair said... it

Linda said...

I keep a bag of their 60% cocoa choco chips by my computer. :o)