Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Re-Cap in Phrases

It's been a long week. Not a bad week, just a long one.

All day today I thought it was Thursday.

School is going pretty well. Nothing new to report.

Hubby's back is still paining him. He's still flat out.

We leave the house tomorrow morning at 7:15 to take him for his small surgical procedure. It's just a shot, but the needle is 1/2 a foot long and goes in to his spine, so it's a surgical procedure. And I'm required to go along. By default, the kids come too. We'll get breakfast while he's under the needle. Hopefully, he walks out a new man.

He managed to get out a little tonight. We went on a date while the kids were at church. Hey, you grab the opportunities when you can.

Co-op starts next Tuesday. Had a parent meeting this Tuesday. Went to dinner with some friends before the meeting. Grown-up friends. I enjoy spending time with grown-ups. It doesn't happen that often. I left Mark and the 3 younger kids in the capable hands of my 9-year-old. She did well.

Teaching went great this week. Lots to prepare for next week. They're reading Lord of the Flies, and I'm teaching analytical writing with an assignment based on the novel. Been awhile since I've read it, so I'm reading it again this week. Actually, I don't remember ever reading this novel, so I'm reading it this week.

And that's all I got.


CrossView said...

Hope the surgery brings relief! And I'm with you, a needle that long moves things into the "surgery" category. *gulp*

I thought yesterday was Friday. which makes this week too long.

Arby said...

I'm betting the date wasn't dinner and dancing! I don't blame you for taking the time when you can. That time alone together seems to be getting fewer and farther between. At least here. Good luck on the shot!