Saturday, September 12, 2009

Not Disney Disney Vacation, Day 2

Scavenger hunt at the resort this morning. When we showed up and they gave us a list, I was obviously under the impression that it was not a race. I don't enjoy things like this as much when there is no competition, but Alex loves it so off we went. We had to do things like count the 731 planks on one of the bridges. Of course I took a shortcut and just counted the sections which appeared to have about 10 planks per. I came up with 704. Anyway, once we got back, we found out there was another group out there, and it was indeed a competition. Should have told me that earlier, and I would have performed much better. We tied in correct answers and had a tiebreaker about the movie Dumbo which I haven't seen in forever years, so I didn't know the answer. So second place it was. However, at Disney everyone is a winner, and we made off with a brand new electronic Monopoly game. The winning group got stuck with Scrabble. So who was actually the winner?

We spend the rest of the day at the pool. The kids enjoyed another pool party filled with games. Like I said, everyone is a winner at Disney, so they all got beads and little pool critters.

We ended the day with a rousing game of electronic Monopoly, which, I must say, is not as fun as the good ol' fashioned paper money Monopoly. It does feature Atlanta-Hartsfield Airport and Centennial Olympic Park, so it's nice to be able to purchase a little bit of home.


Arby said...

Centennial Olympic Park...with or without the crater?

CrossView said...

What a cool prize! And it saves having to buy it to find out you don't like it as well! LOL!

Do I dare mention that I prefer Scrabble to Monopoly?
I'll just keep that to myself....

@nnie said...

learned something else we have in common... a wild competitive streak! Glad you won the electronic Monopoly... sounds like the big winner to me!

Tisha S said...

Sounds like's the weather? We are going next week and I have been crossing my fingers that it will be good.

Kathleen said...

Arby ~ Believe it or not, we may be southerners, but we have cleaned up the crater! Mark and I actually attended a vball game the morning after that happened. Nothing different down there that morning except lots of security!

Crossview ~ I actually prefer Scrabble too, but I know my boys would have said, "A word game?! This really is a second place prize!" So I was mainly happy for them!

Tisha ~ We had beautiful weather until the last day (Sat.). Even then we were able to get out and do things in the drizzle. I think it's supposed to clear up again this week.