Thursday, September 10, 2009

Not Disney Disney Vacation, Day 1

Boat rides are much more fun than car rides.
We took a boat from the resort to Downtown Disney.

I love homeschooling.
We pretty much had Downtown Disney to ourselves.
The only place Michael cared about visiting was the Lego store.
And the Princess really got to be a princess.

After returning from Downtown Disney, we spent the afternoon at the pool.
The pool party included games like the limbo.

In the evening, we watched Race to Witch Mountain poolside.
Since the kids saw it twice last week, they soon lost interest.
Fun all the same.


dclouser said...

Jacob all of a sudden looks so much more grown up! Sounds like you are having a great vacation. Sure enjoyed seeing the photos!

CrossView said...

Looks like such fun! And I love the way you have it to yourselves. Don't go during tourist season, I heard they have good aim. =P

Was it the new Race to Witch Mountain? I haven't seen that one yet and I really want to. LOL!

Arby said...

We love that place! We head over and ride the boats just for fun.

@nnie said...

glad to see your husband in a vertical position!

That lego store is where our lego adventures first began. Papa innocently bought all the kids their own small lego set. Little did I know what was coming.

Everyone looks relaxed and happy.


Kathleen said...

Annie ~ Our boys would have so much fun together Lego-ing. Open invitation to you over here in GA!

The Animator's Wife said...

September really is the very best time to go there! We used to make a trek every fall while I was growing up-- only my parents just took us out of school b/c we didn't have the convenient schedule of home-schooling!

Looks like a great trip!