Tuesday, September 8, 2009

On Our Way to Our Not Disney Disney Vacation

We've taken awhile to decide on a proper family vacation this year. It had to be cheap because we have some back therapy coming up for the mister (who, by the way, is doing better after his spinal injection last week) and Braces for Two. So we decided to just use our Disney Vacation Club points plain and simple. No Magic Kingdom. No Epcot. Just the resort. Which, incidentally, is on the grandiose Disney property...perhaps with a view of the fairy tale castle or the iconic gigantic golf ball thingy at Epcot. Enough of a view to be a huge tease to the kids: "Hey look, kids, I bet the people who are riding Soarin' or Test Track over there at Epcot are having a blast." Get them back for all of the gray hair they've given us.

Just kidding. Really, they're just fine with plain and simple and still have such vivid memories of our blow-out Disney vacation last year that there's really probably not room in their memory banks for a new adventure of that sort. So we're just going to hang out at the resort, splash around in the pool, explore Downtown Disney, and possibly visit Ripley's, something we haven't ever done on any of our many Orlando trips.

And that's where we're headed...if we ever get there. I had to teach my class at Bright Futures this morning, so the whole family headed down and waited for me so we would already be an hour down. And the pleasant Aussie GPS lady said we would arrive at 6:54. Usually we try to make up time and beat her. And we had made up 2 minutes until a kind sheriff from Podunk, GA, issued my dear husband a citation and kindly reminded us that we should not be trying to beat Aussie GPS woman.

Now we're at 7:04 arrival time. But that just might be on account of the fact that I had to have my Iced Grande Green Shaken Tea with Sweetener. Which goes through me mighty fast.

There has been a lot of "Are we there yet?" And that's just me. Aside from a couple of "How much longers", the children have been very quiet watching their movies. As much as I hate being in the car for hours on end, this is actually the most relaxing part of our vacation...a time where we can finish our sentences, hold complete conversations, and listen to our talk radio on absolute peace. I need to stop complaining and soak it all up.

One hour and 20 minutes left according to Aussie GPS lady.


Teacher Mommy said...

Oooh!!! Speeder!!! You evil traffic violators, you!

Hope you have a blast...

tsinclair said...

Have fun...we are going in two weeks. Can't wait, we have only been there once...for one day and it was five years ago.

CrossView said...

So where was the ticket? I'm trying to figger out how close you come to ignoring me! =P Or maybe you got the ticket for ignoring me??!! mwahahaha

Sounds like you do better on road trips than I do. And the closer we get, the more I start panicking over how long I have to stay stuck in the car on the way back. I have road trip issues.

Hope you all have much fun! And hurry back.