Monday, September 14, 2009

Post Vacation

So I did actually consider resuming school today. But there was all this mess--these piles of laundry, the unpacked suitcases--glaring at me, so I opted for a final vacation day, a working vacation day. I really needed to get all of this squared away to be happy. Because if Mama ain't happy, (altogether now) ain't nobody happy!

It's been a productive day, but I miss being on vacation. It was a magical week even though we didn't do any of the major attractions. Our last day was a misty one, but we made the most of it by continuing our resort-hopping.

One of our first stops was the Contemporary, which is one of the older resorts and the closest to the Magic Kingdom. In fact, we could see this from there:
And the kids got to ride the Monorail, which we boarded right from the lobby of the hotel!
In fact, we took the train to a few other resorts, one of which was the Polynesian where the kids enjoyed the volcanic water slide.

This was my favorite slide, but then, I never tried the pirate slide from the day before; that one was our critics' number one choice:

I hated to leave on Sunday (was that just yesterday?) and couldn't leave without my usual, "Let's move here!" Mark asked, "Where would we live?" "At Disney, of course." Duh! Yes, it was indeed magical. Already planning next year. I suppose we need to get through the next 354 days, however.

So it's back to the laundry, the housekeeping, the cooking in TravelDaddy's absence, Bright Futures tomorrow morning, our first day of co-op following, and our regularly scheduled school days in the weeks to come.


Arby said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun!

@nnie said...

ugh it can sometimes be so hard to get back in the swing of things. but I guess it IS all worth it, huh? Look LIKE it!

dclouser said...

So glad you all enjoyed your vacation! The pic of Audrey in the hammock is too cute!

CrossView said...

I just hate the way reality butts in....

Tisha S said...

If we lived at Disney, we probably would not appreciate it as much. :-)

It is hard though, to get back into a routine.