Saturday, September 12, 2009

Not Disney Disney Vacation, Day 3

As Disney Vacation Club Members, we are permitted to visit all other Disney resorts, even the ones in which we have not unpacked our suitcases. Technically, there are a few whose pools are just for direct guests, but as we found out today, you don't always need an open invitation to try out a new slide.

Our resort-hopping began when we returned to the Animal Kingdom Lodge where we stayed last year. Had we made our arrangements sooner this year, we would have called this home for the week again. Since we didn't, however, we had to visit for an African lunch. After we enjoyed our chicken and couscous, we visited the animals and explored the lodge a bit.

Then we hopped over to the Boardwalk Resort, which boasts of the longest of all water slides of all Disney resorts. The kids wore it out. Jacob especially was all smiles each time he splashed into the water and would then climb out and run back up as quickly as he could.

The Boardwalk resort is actually called the Boardwalk for a reason. Walk around back, and enter a whole new world...a boardwalk surrounding the lagoon with colorful shops and restaurants lining it.

And on the other side of the lagoon we discovered the Yacht Club Resort. We spied the pirate ship from over on the Boardwalk side and, when we finally made it around, discovered it was another water slide. We noticed most of the guests wore yellow wrist bands, but we played ignorant and let the kids ride the slide a few times. Mark finally asked someone about the wrist bands and discovered only Yacht Club guests were permitted at the pool but that no one checked after 5:00. Since it was well after 6:00, we allowed the kids to ride a few more times.

After our resort-hopping, we returned to our home resort, had dinner, and headed to Downtown Disney. Definitely a lot more crowded than the other day, but we had fun anyway and enjoyed a street band featuring a didgeridoo (that can't be spelled correctly, I know), which the kids found fun because they learned all about the "things" (I could look it up if I weren't so tired and lazy) at the Aussie-themed VBS this past year.


Arby said...

Hmmm...being spit out of LSD Bozo's mouth. I'd be scarred for life. (Sleeping may be a little difficult tonight.)

Kathleen said...

LOL. He is a very creepy clown, isn’t he—sort of Stephen King-esque!

Mrs Soup said...

Oh I love Animal Kingdom Lodge. It's so amazing how many fun things you can do at Walt Disney World without going to a park.

Tisha S said...

Wow, AK looks great. I cannot wait to see it. I am glad to know that you can visit the other resorts, we are staying in the value (Movies) resort.
We cannot wait...5 days and counting. :-)

CrossView said...

Sounds like the kids had a blast! Unlimited sliding... How tired are mom and dad? LOL!

That shot of the giraffe is amazing!