Thursday, September 3, 2009

Faceblog or Blogbook or Something Like That

In this crazy world of technology, my two outlets and only opportunity for adult interaction--Facebook and blogging--often pass each other in the virtual hallway. Which probably bores my very few blog readers because the majority of them are also Facebook friends. In other words, you, my few readers AND Facebook friends get to read my status and then elaboration here. Lucky you.

So, about those status updates today:

First, Kathleen wants to start Homeschoolers Anonymous. Hi, my name is Kathleen, and I'm a homeschooler. This morning I have a strong urge to run after the big, yellow bus screaming, "Wait! Wait! You forgot my children! PLEASE take them!"

It's true. It was a terrible day in our Humble Homeschool for the Gifted and Quirky. I know some days are like that, but it does get a bit discouraging to feel like certain boys who shall remain nameless haven't learned a thing. I ended up sending both boys to the Principal's Office which, this week, happens to be our bed where the principle Principal has lain prostrate for a week and a half. The Principal gave them, um, a pep talk and things went a little more smoothly.

Thankfully, there's always tomorrow. A new day. A new beginning. Here's to new days and new beginnings.

Of course, there were light moments of the day. Later, I posted this:

Kathleen --Audrey to me: When I was in your tummy, I touched your heart, and it felt like a raspberry.

One friend commented, "HOW do you reply to something like that?? Half of me wants to melt and say, "Awwwwwww!" the other half is going, "?? 0_o ??"

Exactly what I thought. WHERE did she come up with such a thing? And, well, it warmed my heart too, but then, I guess she's had lots of practice pulling my heartstrings.


CrossView said...

From "Homeschoolers Anonymous" to "AWWWW". That about sums up homeschooling! LOL!

Arby said...

They have to say cute things like that. It keeps 'em alive.

Linda said...

We all have days like that. We ask, "what am I doing at home and who are these children?!" Then one of them says something that makes time stand still, and all questions are answered in a single moment.
Here's to new days...

Anne said...

Kathleen, I looked at your blog title for a couple days before I had time to click on your blog... and just THEN noticed it was Faceblog and Blogbook. Ha! How is your hubby.... I so hope and pray he is improving. Even if Homeschool was running well, when the principal is sick, well, it makes everybody feel a little anxious. Maybe that's what you've been dealing with. And that little Audrey, man, just want to eat her up. Post soon!

Courtney said...

Reading through people's status always cracks me up-I forget to log on to facebook. I can barely keep up with the blog-and speaking of, I left you a little bloggy award on my post today.

Khakismum said...

Hey, thanks for the shout out K.! 'preciate it. :-D