Monday, December 21, 2009


Remember the days of writing letters? Real letters, I mean. Not text messages or emails. Real letters on pretty stationery, sent through the mail with a stamp. Remember the anticipation of checking your mailbox? And the excitement of discovering a letter there? It's a shame that tradition has been all but lost. Thankfully, it isn't lost on my daughter and her friend Grace.

Alex gets more real mail every week than I get junk mail. Even in the days when Grace and Alex saw each other twice a week at church, they exchanged letters at least a couple of times during any given week.

A few days after Michael's accident, I was surprised to flip through the mail and find a letter addressed to Michael. It looked like Grace's familiar writing on the envelope. As I passed it to Michael, I said, "This must be a letter from Jack, and he had his sister address it." But, no. It was a sweet, sweet letter from Grace. It read as follows:

Dear Michle, (if that's how you spell your name) I heard that you got your finger stuck in your bicicle chain. OUCH! I'm really sorry that that happen'd! Though your crazy, I care alot about you and Im praying for you and so is the whole familey! And so are Fluff-ball, Puff-ball and Poof. I wish I could do somthing to help. Write me back and you can tell me what happen'd!

Your loving friend,

Michael responded with this letter:

Dear Grace,
What happed was I was going up our driveway. Then I pushed on the brakes and I reach down and pulled on the chain to make sure it was tight. Then my brain said to keep going and it sucked my finger into the chain. Oh yeah and my name is Michael and thank you for the letter. your friend, Michael


5thsister said...

That was really cute. Thanks for sharing.

CrossView said...

Awwww! I'm glad to know that those days aren't completely gone!

Is Grace hs'ed?

Kathleen said...

Yes, Grace is hs'ed. And very socialized despite that fact. As are our kids! ;)

CrossView said...

ROFL! I kind of guessed she was. But I was afraid I'd offend the non-hs'ers. So how do you hs'ers deal with socialization??!! =P

Arby said...

I miss real letters. I miss having the time to write them, too.

Baby Mama said...

HOW CUTE!! i love it that they write each other letters! So sweet :)

tsinclair said...

How nice. I was never any good at writing letters. We at one time thought about getting a pen-pal for the boys, I am not certain now why we didn't. Maybe it is time to re-think that.

@nnie said...

oh, I do so love the art of letters myself. Glad you documented this exchange for the future. Absolutely precious!