Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day 22

You may or may not have noticed that many of the advent activities I planned for the 24 days of Christmas revolve around food. I think next year I really need to give Lisa Whelchel's book The ADVENTure of Christmas a more serious look so that I can come up with some more original ideas. To be fair, I had a long list of a better variety of ideas, but somehow the 24 days of the 24 days of Christmas has dwindled down to nothing, and I scarcely noticed each day passing.

Today's activity would normally have made for a memorable time of family fun, but I think my mood ruined it. And Audrey is the one who should have been in a foul mood, not me. On the way back from the mall this morning, she suddenly burst into tears saying, "My earring came out! My earring came out!" I don't know how she did it, but she somehow got the seatbelt tangled up in her left one, and it got yanked out. Try as I might when we got home, I just couldn't line the front of the 3-day-old hole with the back. I toyed with the idea of just pushing the earring through and forming a new back entrance, but when you're a grown-up dealing with a princess' tender ear and not a rebellious teenager dealing with your own earlobe, it's a whole new game. So I gave up.

The Princess will now be lopsided for a couple of weeks to let her ear heal a little before we take her back to Claire's to get the earring put back in. And I say "we" because Daddy will be going along. Remember that he is the Great Calmer. Therefore, he is the one who will get her to jump willingly back in the chair, get the earring put back in, and then head to the food court for some ice cream. She's already very excited about the ice cream.

Anyway, all of these events were the prelude to my not being in a very festive mood. And a festive mood is definitely required for cookie baking. Sugar cookies are my favorite tradition I have carried to the next generation. So it really is a shame I couldn't step up the plate, or baking sheet as it were, and make this a fun event. Tomorrow, however, is bound to be much more delightful. Because tomorrow we decorate!


@nnie said...

oh darn, those starter earrings usually have a back that is tight as a vise. Sorry the day was spoiled for sweet, little princess and her mommy.

CrossView said...

Sorry for the Princess. But ice cream? That makes everything better!

You could run over here. My 13-yr old keeps baking and decorating sugar cookies and it's hard not to feel festive with my very own elf. I'll share!

I can't get over the Princess being in tears over her earring coming out as opposed to the pain of being pulled out by the seatbelt. That IS a true princess! =D

Cynthia@RunningWithLetters said...

I'm sorry for the Day 22 mishap and for the extended gap in my visits over here. I just couldn't keep up with the festivities AND the blogging. Festivities won.

Your post reminded me to check with my daughter about the status of her ear, that she tore on a freezer door (?) a couple weeks ago. She's a teenager, so we just heard about it as a sort of footnote. She says it's all healed up (and seemed really happy that I remembered to ask--so thanks!)

Hope your Christmas Eve decorating is wonderful!!

tsinclair said...

It sounds like fun, a whole month of Christmas.

Sorry about the earring, and though Daddy may be needed for the second trip - the first trip will always be remembered. :-)

Arby said...

I'd be willing to skip the ear rings and head straight to the ice cream!

Arby said...

May the Peace, Love, and saving Grace of our risen savior Jesus Christ be visited upon you now and always. Merry Christmas!

Bernie said...

Merry Christmas. Thank you for being a loyal reader of my blog and all of your comments. I love it.



Bunch of Barrons said...

I had a "not festive" mood earlier...during all the standing in the kitchen slaving over Christmas eve dinner. But it improved slowly. haha. Hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas!