Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Alex!

I sure don't know where the time has gone, but as of 2:11 this morning, my beautiful daughter has been in our lives for a decade. And I don't remember life without her. Nor would I want to. Somewhere between diapers, sippy cups, and scraped knees, she has grown into a lovely, young lady, the kind of person whose company you really enjoy.

I've tried to get her to agree to stop growing up, but I guess it's just one of those things that happens no matter how you try to stop it. One minute she's a too-silly, adorable toddler clomping around in my way-too-big shoes, and the next she is in my closet borrowing those shoes. One minute I'm sharing light banter about Elmo's fish Dorothy, and the next I'm in a deep discussion about Life.

Yes, it is going to happen, this growing up thing. Since I can't stop it, all I can do is be here for her to celebrate the happy moments and pray her through the tough times.

Happy birthday, my sweet Alexandra! I love you so much!


Arby said...

Happy birthday, Alex! It's funny how once these little ones join our lives, we cannot imagine life without them.

CrossView said...

Double-digits??!! Wow!
She's so beautiful! Happy Birthday, Alex! =D

Teacher Mommy said...

Yikes! Where DOES the time go???

Happy Birthday, Alex!

tsinclair said...

Happy Birthday Alex! You are a lovely young lady and I wish you many blessings as you enter this next decade of your life.

SJ said...

hapy bday to alex!

A smile from SJ =)