Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day 4 doesn't prove to be as exciting as I had anticipated.

I hadn't been to this mall since my life before children. And what I remembered about it was that it was a classy place where everything is way over-priced but that always goes way overboard with Christmas decorations. What I didn't remember from my pre-children days is that there is nothing there for kids save for some Webkinz at the Justice store.

There were indeed some decorations, but there was nothing extraordinary about them. Must be the economy. And Santa was there. We spied him from a staircase. "Look, Audrey!" I exclaimed. "Santa followed us here from our mall!" She was very happy.

And I did get to photograph a couple of the kids in front of a Rolls that costs more than my house. If I had had a pen and paper handy, I would have posted a note on the car that read:

Did you know that for the cost of this car,
you can buy a kitchen, a couple living rooms,
some bedrooms, a few toilets, a garage,
a backyard, and a pool?
If interested, call ---

And I was going to take the kids into the Versace store so we could roll our eyes over the price tags and make fun of people who would drop a couple thousand on a button-down shirt, but when we got to the entrance, the staunch, haughty-looking sales guy scared me away. Not literally, of course. He just looked like he might not welcome 4 children running through his store, wiping their chinese food-stained fingers all over the merchandise. Not to mention he probably wouldn't have welcomed my photographing a few price tags.

So we left. Not a particularly wonderful advent activity, but we did it as a family nonethless.


Teacher Mommy said...

How could he turn away such a beautiful family?!?!?!

CrossView said...

"As a family" - that's all that matters! And that trip will probably be one of their cherished memories! LOL!

That must be "the" mall that my 20-yr old wants to go to. The one with Tiffany & Co.??!

So are you getting ME that Rolls for Christmas? ;o)

Kathleen said...

TM ~ I know, the nerve, right??

Crossview ~ Yes, 'tis the one with Tiffany's, though we didn't dare enter that store either!! I'll see if I can find a Rolls for that might have the word "model" in front of it and one that might fit in your stocking.

Arby said...

The only Rolls we have here are Tootsie Rolls!

Kathleen said...

What, Arby?! No dinner rolls?

Linda said...

But that car would look so good with you in it! I like your idea about leaving a note. I've got your back. ;o)

tsinclair said...

I love the last picture of you and the kids. It sounds like a fun day.

SJ said...

nice cars are expensive

A smile from SJ =)

5thsister said...

You have such a beautiful family! We have a high end mall near where I live. I abhor shopping there. Unless I dress up and wear my family jewels, the salespeople ignore me. Like my money doesn't spend the same. Give me a break!