Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Wisdom of an Almost-10-Year-Old

I already shared Alex's profound thoughts she scribbled on a hotel notepad. Here is tonight's wisdom:

Living things around you are all parts of a beautiful painting. Everything has a purpose, a meaning in this world, a function, a reason. So take care of the beautiful art. Does an artist just dump his masterpiece in the trash? No. He puts it somewhere safe from things that will hurt it. So protect the painting of art that is the world.

Who is more dumb: the dumb person or the person who follows him? It is the person who follows. He makes a dumb decision to follow the dumb person, which makes him dumb in the process. A smart person objects to the dumb one. The dumb person isn't smart, but the person who follows what he does is even dumber.

And once she discovered I was posting her genius on the blog, she took up the Trail of Genius where she left off in Kentucky (and please do feel free to comment; she has requested feedback!):

Leave a trail of genius. When you leave a trail of genius, you help others think better. You make the world a better place, one thing at a time. It can also prove to the world you are intelligent in mind and heart. When you leave a trail of wisdom, others find it and use it to do good and right things. Those who are pure of mind become great. Those who are kind will be rewarded. They will be rewarded, not suddenly, but they will be rewarded. Those who are foolish will not be great but a fool, so leave a trail to your genius.


CrossView said...

#1 So true! And if the world would realize this, we'd never need "No Littering" signs....

#2 Amen! We've been talking here about a total lack of integrity in so many these days. Where are those who will stand up and say that wrong is wrong and not worry about their popularity in the process....

#3 Keep on leaving that trail!

Darcie said...

I love the idea of our world being a beautiful painting. When I see some of the pictures that your mom post I see them as art.

Stupid is as Stupid does...

I love your idea of a trail. Many travel the paths of others before us, but the adventure comes in sometimes creating a new path and that is your genius.

Thanks for making me think a little deeper this morning.

Arby said...

#1 …on the refrigerator
#2 You are a wise Jedi Padawan
#3 Leave a trail of genius that other people can follow. It will tempt others to follow the genius and not the dumb person. But if you want to find your way back home, use bread crumbs. Or a Garmin Nuvi.