Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Al Gore, it's just a phase. I think.

I am both really intrigued and a little alarmed by the writing that is spilling forth from my 9-year-old's pencil. NOT that I don't like nature, and NOT that I am not totally amazed by God's creation. It's just that I hear resounding echoes of environmentalist bouncing off of the lines of her prose. Not that there's necessarily anything wrong with an environmentalist; we should all do our part to take care of the earth God has blessed us with. It's just those wack-o environmentalists that concern me. But since she's far from wack-o. And so long as Al Gore doesn't come knocking on our door looking for a partner in crime, I guess we're good. Here's today's deep thought from my daughter:

Listen and Look
Listen and look to nature's beauty. Nourish yourself in its every fine detail. It's rich, it's divine magic. Nature has secrets just waiting to be discovered. So listen and look for the secrets of nature.


Arby said...

Hey, she didn't write, "Listen and look to nature's beauty and see it being utterly destroyed by mankind's thoughtless presence here on planet earth." We're okay here.

dclouser said...

Tell Alex I think her writings are outstanding! Christians should be awe-inspired by nature. The Bible is filled with that kind of writing, so Alex is in good company!

CrossView said...

She tapped right in to why we're in the country!