Friday, October 9, 2009

The Crud and Men in Tights

Because of the Crud which invaded our house and apparently has taken up residence here for an undisclosed period of time, I spent much of this week canceling obligations and soliciting able-bodied inviduals who don't have the Crud to cover these obligations.

On Tuesday, I had to beg Bright Futures Director--and former English student of mine--to take my writing class. I missed my kids, and they missed me too. At least according to Chris. He emailed me to give me a class report and added, "They missed you! When I told them you were not coming they almost cried. I think they died a little on the inside." Of course, hyperbole is no stranger to Chris, but I'd like to think they missed me.

It was no easy feat securing subs for my 3 co-op classes. Apparently, the Crud is going around because there were few subs available. I got a sub for 1 out of the 3 classes anyway and then dropped Alex off so she could still enjoy co-op while the rest of us sat at home sniffling and coughing and waiting until it was time to go pick her up.

I tried to wake up Wednesday and be a responsible mom by getting breakfast for my offspring, but my head throbbed, and I felt like I'd been beaten up, so I stayed in bed. Around noon, my mind and body began arguing. Responsibility again. Yes, they are my children. Yes, they do need regular sustenance. But my head hurts! That's when my 9-year-old superhero quietly opened the door and asked, "Mom, do you want me to make nachos for lunch?" She's a lifesaver.

Yesterday morning I was tempted to spend another day in bed, shirking my motherly duties. However, there was the matter of these drama tickets I purchased weeks ago. The drama? No, not Four Kids Gone Wild in the Absence of Parental Guidance, but rather, Wonderquest's rendition of Robin Hood.

Unfortunately, although I can attend a play half-sick since I am a mature grown-up and can keep my germs to myself, the Princess was not entirely rid of the Crud. Fortunately, TravelDaddy came home Wednesday night. And so at breakfast, after she finished hacking up her left lung, Audrey resignedly stated, "Well, Mommy, I guess I won't be going to the play with you." She was right: her incessant coughing may very well have gotten us kicked out of the theater.

Even after being so matter-of-fact, once she understood she was going to be left out, Audrey got a bit weepy, but I quickly pointed out how lucky she was to get a morning with Daddy. I helped her get dressed up for her date, and she very happily waved good-bye to us.

Robin Hood was quite good, and the kids enjoyed it. Not overly enthusiastic about it, but no complaining either, so I guess that's all in a day's homeschooling.

We did also manage to snap some pictures with a couple of the stars in tights.

First, a shot with the Sheriff:

And one with Robin, although without his hat, he doesn't look much like Robin, does he?


CrossView said...

When I'm sick, I notice most clearly that homeschooling works. My kids work together and stay quiet and it just makes my heart go pitter-patter. LOL! Though I do hope you all feel better SOON!

Everytime you make mention of men in tights, I wonder if Arby's in there. But don't tell Arby, mmmkay?

Have I mentioned what gorgeous children you have? ALMOST as purty as mine. ;o)

4 Lettre Words said...

So sorry everyone has been sick. It's been a tough Fall so far!

Great pictures...the kids are just so beautiful!

Kathleen said...

Awww...thanks, both of you. I think my kids are keepers! :)

Crossview, I have to admit, I half expected Arby to come skipping across that stage in his tights. Could have been...they were all disguised fairly well! ;)

Arby said...

We've managed to avoid the crud to date. Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well. And, uhm, sorry Crossview, no tights today.

@nnie said...

oh sister,
I have been in bed nearly all week myself with the flu. As I type, my head continues to throb. My family is well so far, but a dad 2 houses down is in ICU with H1N1 and 2 of his family members are home sick w/ it too. Another good friend of mine has a family of 5 that has been down with flu as well. ick and double ick. i guess i know how you feel. it is no fun. get better and stay better. you are one awesome mommy, getting up to feed your kids. I would just mumble... fend for yourselvessssss........