Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Security Check

We’ve never forgotten them. They have spent countless nights in hotels and friends’ homes with us. They even accompanied us on a cruise. But this morning in the disorganization I created by procrastinating, I forgot to grab Audrey’s “My” (translation: blankie) and Bear. I realized it when we were just an hour out of Nashville. Had we been just an hour from home, I probably would have turned around and gone to retrieve them.

I expected a flood of Drama when I broke the news to the Princess, so I mustered up all of the enthusiasm I could and asked, “Do you want to go to K-Mart when we get to the hotel and pick out a new My?!?” She bought into my enthusiasm wholeheartedly, made a rather quick choice and snuggled her new, soft My all the way back to the hotel. Her only concern when we got back was, "Can we take my new My home with us?"


CrossView said...

Wow! That simple? I guess you know you got really lucky on that one! *shudders*

And again I have to say; "That face!". I would stay melted in a pile of mush.

Marianna said...

That was a smart save. Way to go!

Khakismum said...
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Khakismum said...

Thank goodness she was open to a new on and not totally married to one MY. Yikes! Have fun on your trip. May you and Audrey have bliss filled days and sleep filled nights with your new "travelling companion". ;-)