Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hatching Isn't Just for Eggs

To avoid the Mother's Day Rush tomorrow noon, we decided to go out for lunch today. I chose Long Horn. The kids love this restaurant because they are served a bowl of peanuts as an appetizer, peanuts which have not yet been shelled. Because I know it's difficult to catch on to shelling peanuts--especially with little fingers--I started shelling some for Audrey. She stopped me, however. "I don't want you to hatch my peanuts," she protested indignantly. "I want to hatch them by myself!"

Alright, alright.

She worked on "hatching" a couple by herself and finally handed one to me. "Will you please help me hatch this one?"

On the way home from lunch, she was quite the jokester:

Audrey: Knock, knock!
Me: Who's there?
Audrey: Sock on your head.
Me: Sock on your head who?
Audrey: Purple!



CrossView said...

Oh, how I miss those days! Of course, during *those* days I used to wonder just how long I'd have to endure the bad knock-knock jokes. I used to call them "groaners"....

And I think back to my poor mom who would laugh every time I told her my favorite joke:

Me: "Why were the Indians the first people here?"

Mom: "I don't know. Why?"

Me: "Because they had *reservations*."

Bless her heart, she laughed each time.

Arby said...

The bad joke phase. Nope. Won't miss that one, either. And I only have to go through it two more times (until the grandchildren arrive!).

Hey - I think I have your comment situation all worked out. I read all three, posted one. I think you'll be happy. :)