Friday, March 7, 2008

You Need Some Fun in this House!

OK. Don't laugh. But I'm an avid, faithful...closet...Supernanny watcher. I know, right? What can you learn from a 21st Century-style Mary Poppins who visits these outrageous families made up of children who cuss like sailors, beat each other up, and walk all over Mom and Dad? Well, I always go to bed Wednesday nights having pulled some parenting tidbit away from the drama. This past week's episode featured a young mom of 7. Ages 8 and under! My guess is that she way beats me on the number of times she gets stopped at the grocery store with an, "Are they ALL yours?" "Yes." "Wow! You have your hands full!" exchange. Anyway, Supernanny got it right when she told the young mother that there just wasn't much fun going on in the household. So true, so true. Same in this household.

Like this mother, I have my daily agenda which must be accomplished before I allow myself--or the kids--any "fun"--however that word may be defined. And that is exactly why, when I saw my friend's number on caller ID, I ignored it. She's the kind of friend who is always making life fun for her kids. I knew she was calling because she's always kind and always thinks of me and calls to see if maybe I'd like to go along for some fun as well. Fun. How can I be expected to just pick up and go have fun with the kids when there is still so much on my agenda?

As I was resolving to accomplish my to-do list and come up with some excuse to tell my friend about why I couldn't indulge in any fun, I heard Supernanny's british accent in my head: "You just don't have any FUN in this house!" OK, OK, Supernanny. I'll go have some fun. I'm sure we'll all survive if my kindergartener skips handwriting! And we might even be able to study Massachusetts and Connecticut some other day.

It was a beautiful, spring-like day yesterday, and we had a great time at the park. Not without a few owies of course--Michael skinned his elbow while performing a daring wheelie on his scooter. And not without the disappointment of not being able to find a letterbox which was supposedly 8 paces from a rock the size of a softball--great hiding techniques whoever hid it; like that rock hasn't gotten misplaced over the years! We did, however, find a second letterbox at the park, and the kids were able to stamp our notebook and leave our stamp imprint in the letterbox guest book.

In addition to our fun letterboxing adventure, the kids exercised, laughed and talked with their friends, explored, looked for tadpoles in the pond, walked the "plank" (a log referenced in a letterboxing clue), AND I got to enjoy some adult conversation! So, Supernanny, thanks for reminding me to stray from my agenda to have a little fun around here. And thanks to my friend for always thinking of me! Hey, we may even get around to Jacob's handwriting practice today!

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