Wednesday, March 12, 2008

'Tato Heads

Decorator Tater night at AWANA. Their original ideas:

Alex: Ruth Tater (under the Bibliotater category)

Michael: a racecar potato

Jacob: an airplane potato

I asked Alex how she planned on making her Ruth Tater recognizable as Ruth. She shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know," she said. "Maybe I'll draw some grains of wheat on a piece of paper." A cute idea to be sure, but I wanted to win. So I came up with Rahab. And she helped me. A little bit. Actually, she was the one who reminded me there was straw on Rahab's house where the spies hid. And she was quick to decorate Rahab Tater's home with a rug and pictures on the wall. (After I had already placed a small book replica of "Spies Like Us" on the floor.) Alex helped stamp a stone wall to adhere to the shoebox. Her Tater was complete with a window and red/scarlet ribbon hanging from it.

Michael was excited about his racecar until he saw his daddy helping Jacob with the airplane, complete with a working propeller. Of course he wanted an airplane too. I tried to explain to Michael that with two identical potatoes, chances were slim either would win and nil on them both winning. He couldn't be persuaded otherwise. So both boys took Airplane Taters and were proud to show everyone how to make the propeller fan spin by connecting the mini-fan to the 9V battery.

(The Princess also got a quiet her following me around the house asking, "Ere's my 'tato head?" Her 'tato head sported leftover fake eyelashes and a blue sash. No Tater Person in particular, but as far as she was concerned, her 'tato head would do! Since Daddy is in town this week, she didn't have a chance to show it off at church, but I don't think she cared one bit.)

And the winners? Two out of three. Alex took the Bibliotater category, and Jacob won with his airplane in the Silly Tater category. I groaned inside (and maybe even complained to a couple of friends) when I heard they all won but Michael. Michael is my sulker, and I was anticipating his sulky ride home and a sulky day tomorrow. But what great life lessons we could get out of it! Honestly, tonight I was too tired to give out any life lessons. You know what, though? He didn't sulk one bit! 'Course the fact that he is expecting a visit from the Toothfairy tonight might have lifted his spirits. Unfortunately, he thinks the Toothfairy might be giving him $15.00 so he can buy a new Lego set he's been eyeing. We may be in for some life lessons tomorrow after all when his disappointment in the tooth exchange brings on the sulking.

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