Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Never-Ending Storm

That's what the kids have dubbed it. And they're right: although the sun is shining right now, I think there's at least one more round headed our way. It really began this morning at 6:30 when a huge clap of thunder sent the youngest boy scurrying downstairs and into our bed. After last night's storm that ripped through downtown Atlanta, I decided to check the radar online. That was when the second thunder shook the house, and a second boy ended up in our bed. The girls slept through what ended up not being much of a storm.

The real never-ending storm began after lunch. Although we were on the outskirts of the tornado that blasted through our area, we had a 5-minute burst of incredible wind that, had it lasted longer, would have dumped all of our chairs and possibly the grill into the pool. When this started, we all crowded into our windowless guest bathroom.

The second round followed the exact same path, and from the pictures you'd think it was a snow storm:

It was hail. From inside, it sounded like our whole house was a kettle of popping corn. We waited this one out in our little bathroom hideout as well.

We've had a couple of heavy thunderstorms since our last tornado warning. Although they weren't storms worthy of our Bathroom Hideout, Alex now runs into the bathroom at the first sound of thunder or drop of rain. Should be an interesting night if this continues...

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