Friday, March 14, 2008

Drama Boy Still Lives

You can read about Drama Boy's debut performance at the doctor's office here.

All I can say, having just returned from Michael's annual check-up, is that I know why some people opt out of vaccinations. It has nothing to do with the blah, blah percent of kids who suffer such-and-such a side effect from whatever shot (forgive me if I'm offending anyone). They just don't want to deal with the drama. Of course, I know not everyone has the joy of experiencing drama to its fullest just from a tiny pin prick. I know that because Alex had a shot today. She gritted her teeth, held my hand, closed her eyes and didn't shed a tear.

Drama Boy? Well, it took three of us to wrangle him on to the table and hold him down. And, seriously, it sounded like he was being tortured. Later, I asked him, "Now, it wasn't really as bad as you thought it would be, was it?" He solemnly nodded. "So you're just a ghost then because it sounded like you were dying."

At least the boy knew what grade he is in.

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