Friday, March 7, 2008

New Hobbies

Right. Just what I need. Since I have so much time to work on the hobbies I already have! But today's co-op sparked a new interest in the boys and in me. We've been working through the Keepers of the Faith series with our homeschool group, so in a very politically incorrect way, the boys have been learning "boy" things, and the girls are picking up "girl" skills. You know, so we can ensure our daughters' success barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen and so the boys can hunt and gather.

Today's girl skill was cross-stitching, something I enjoy doing on occasion, but a skill which tries my patience when I'm trying to teach it. I was therefore very happy to have the opportunity to send my daughter into the capable, sewing hands of another. And she did great and even admitted after much prodding that this teacher was indeed much more of a patient cross-stitching tutor than I!

While the girls were busying their hands with their dutiful female activity, the boys were outside learning archery. And from the best of the best I'd say; their instructor, one of the fathers, is some sort of weapons expert in the Marine Corps (or at least was at some point). He was very patient with the boys, and they did very well! Jacob was the first to hit the target, and they both improved a whole lot just in the short time we had. I really wanted to try my hand at it as well, but none of the other mothers appeared as enthusiastic and since it IS all about the kids, I let them get their time in. But...the instructor was kind enough to send us away with a handful of arrows, so you just know it won't be long until we're all out in the backyard trying to be Robin Hood. And since we'll be studying the middle ages next year anyway, I think I see a whole unit study developing!

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