Friday, October 12, 2007

Push Buttons and Goody Bags

Sometimes--and especially with kids this young--there are those field trips that are just far more fascinating for me than for my children. Our homeschool group visited the area Christian radio station this morning. While I thrive on hearing the details of the hustle and bustle of advertising, production, and broadcasting, there was a substantial blank look on my kids' faces. However, the day was saved when the children each got a turn to choose a button to push. The look of delight on their faces when the room filled with the station's various jingles was enough to put value on the tour.  And...of course there were the goody bags filled with a station pen, magnet, sticker, flashlight, and various other trinkets.

Perhaps it was the goody bags that caused the kids to zone on the way home when I heard the DJ shout out her greetings to the homeschool group that had just visited. "Guys!" I exclaim.  "Did you hear that? She just said hi to us on the radio!" "Huh?" they all say. Zoned. Although this field trip may not go down in history as the pivotal moment when my children grasped the concepts of marketing and radio waves, pushing the buttons and receiving goody bags made the day well worthwhile.

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