Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Katy Who?

I've started watching a new sit-com entitled Samantha Who?. In it, Sam, played by Cristina Applegate, awakens from a coma. She is subsequently diagnosed with amnesia and thus begins her quest to discover who she was and now is. As she attempts to go back to her old life as described by the few who knew her and liked her, she realizes what a selfish and immoral person she was. She doesn't like that old person at all: she was rude and self-seeking, hadn't talked to her mother in 2 years, had only one true friend, and was cheating on her boyfriend. Now she wants to change for the better but is trapped by a high-pressure job which she must keep in order to pay off the huge pile of debt she accumulated buying shoes and other material items which matter little to her now.

Although I'm a fan of Cristina Applegate and what's-his-name from 7th Heaven and What About Brian (he plays Sam's boyfriend), admittedly, the acting is pretty bad on this show--lots of corny one-liners. So I'm guessing this comedy will not live a very long life; however, it got me thinking: How would I react if I woke up from a coma with no memory? What if, at the moment of my awakening, my loving husband walked into the hospital room with my beautiful, adorable, amazing children and took me home to a house I can't believe is mine where my extended family and a bunch of caring friends were waiting to greet me. And what if he told me these people and things were all a part of my life? Yet I was seeing all of this for the first time. What changes would I make?

I think the first change I would probably make is that I would spend more quality time with my kids getting to really know them. Yes, I'm ALWAYS here with the kids, for the kids, but I don't spend nearly enough intentional time with them. I think in general such an experience would certainly force me to stop taking all of the many, many blessings I have for granted.

How about you? If you had the opportunity to view yourself from the outside looking in, what changes would you make?

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