Thursday, October 25, 2007

Laundry Loot

Growing up, I always wondered why my mom "wasted" time going through any and and all pockets before doing laundry. I suppose it would do me some good to do the same, but I never have extra laundry time to waste. So...I just deal with the surprises that immediately drop out of the dryer at my feet as if the little trinkets are anxiously awaiting their escape from the tumbling madness. A couple of weeks ago, I opened the door to have what seemed like an entire beach rain down over my bare feet. "Boys," I asked, "did you put sand in your pockets this morning?" "No," one of them replied, "it fell in."

Today when I opened the dryer, I discovered 3 of those suction cup balls stuck to the guts of the dryer. All I could think was, They may paint my children's toys with lead paint, but, thankfully, they at least use plastic of the quality that can sustain high heat. The suction cup balls kept company with a paper clip, a popsicle stick, a Polly Pocket shoe, an article of clothing for Barbie, a Happy Birthday cupcake insert thingy, a couple of legos, and a hair clip.

What really makes me smile on laundry day, though, is not what I find when I open the dryer door but what is often nestled in the laundry in Audrey's bathroom. Her little puppy wears a girlie pink dress, and every couple of weeks or so, the Princess's homemaking instincts kick in and she deems it necessary to give the dress a wash. So, while I've never actually seen this happen, I imagine she gently removes the clothing from her puppy and tosses it in the laundry basket, standing on her tiptoes to peer in and witness its safe landing. Then with a satisfied giggle, she trots off with a naked puppy in her clutches. And, upon discovering the dress yet again, I can't keep from giggling myself.

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