Monday, December 20, 2010

A New Do a Must Do

I was busy making green chocolate Christmas trees that I plan to use for a special treat on Christmas Day. And I mean busy. I wasn't going to look up lest my chocolate hand forget what it was doing and swirl chocolate in all the wrong places. No, I was not going to look up no matter how many times my sweet little princess implored, "Mommy, do you notice anything different about my hair?"

Besides, the last time I had looked at her, all I noticed was the big rat's nest that had formed on the side of her head as a result of not having brushed her hair all day long. "Audrey, I can't look up right now," I emphasized for the 7th time.

Finally I finished the trees. And finally I looked up. Now, I have heard other moms talk about this event; in fact, it seems to happen in all families. Except mine. I think Michael may have done it once, but it was barely noticeable. But Audrey...well, she really took those scissors to her hair.

I know the moment I looked up, I said, "YOU CUT YOUR HAIR??!!" which must have come out angry instead of my heartfelt emotion of surprise because Audrey went from an attitude of Wow! Look at what I accomplished! to Oh no! What have I done to my hair? I quickly consoled her and assured her it looked, um, good. And stylish. Honestly, the one side did look kind of cute. As a start anyway.

Audrey 2

Audrey 4

Coincidentally, I had planned on taking Audrey in for a trim on Wednesday. Trim being the operative word. Since we have plans to go out tomorrow, though, I thought I might prefer my daughter not to be lopsided. So she got her new do this evening, and she quite likes it.

Audrey 5


Arby said...

Please tell Audrey that I think her pre-trim cut looked good. And you can add the whole parental warning thing that I give my children, too.

dclouser said...

You handled that so calmly! I think I would have freaked out and given her a lecture about never cutting her own hair. At least she didn't hack the top of it and she did end up with a cute do! She looks so adorable.

CrossView said...

Thankfully, she's so stinkin' adorable that she could have shaved her head and looked, well, adorable! :O)

I never fussed at mine because I somehow knew that it wouldn't continue... How I knew that, I have no idea....

Sounds like you handled it beautifully and it's a good thing you waited until you finished your trees! LOL!

tsinclair said...

I love her new do...I was going to ask you, I noticed her hair in the candle pics.

As long as she doesn't decide to practice on you, when you are...busy. :-)

tsinclair said...

Oh, also meant to say that I am proud of you getting outside. :-)))

tsinclair said...

ummm...that was supposed to be on the blizzard confession, not this one - my bad :-)

Amy @ Cheeky Cocoa Beans said...

Audrey did a surprisingly even cut. You know it could have been sooo much worse! (Not trying to encourage this kind of thing...just sayin'!) I like her new 'do. :)

When I told Bethany that her best friend cut her own hair, and it had to be cut VERY short, she gasped and asked me, "Why did she cut her hair, Mommy?" She was absolutely horrified. But I don't pretend for a minute that she won't give serious consideration to cutting her own hair at some point!