Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Best Day Out


My husband and I are competitive people. So when he takes the boys out for a Boys' Day Out, and I venture out with my sweet girls for a Girls' Day Out, there has to be a little competitive edge thrown in. Just for fun. Not that we set out this morning to make it a competition, but I guess I perpetuated it by sending friendly text messages to my husband throughout the day that said something like, "I bet we're having more fun than you." Because, honestly, who doesn't want to be the cool parent the kids all want to hang with?

So who won? Well, you can be the judge.

First, we breakfasted at Starbucks where the girls enjoyed some divine Hot Chocolate paired with scrumptious donuts and cinnamon rolls.


Alex cinnamon roll

Then we were off to the mall. First stop: the salon where we all had manicures, which included festive designs painted on our nails.

nail salon


Following the salon, we did a little shopping, including a stop at Bath and Body Works where the girls chose their favorite scent and left with luxurious bath products in that fragrance.

Our tummies were rumbly at this point, so we lunched at one of our favorites: California Pizza Kitchen. Only problem? My recently birthdayed 11-year-old is no longer on a kids' menu. So a new era in our lives begins.


A girls' day is not complete without chocolate, so our next stop was at the Rainforest Cafe where we ate way too much of a Volcano.


elephant Audrey

A little more fun shopping for last minute Christmas gifts, and we headed home.

Around this time, I texted my husband "See? More fun!!" accompanied by this picture:
Rainforest Cafe

He texted me back with this "picture":


Something about breakfast, haircuts, lunch, and video games.

Seriously. Is there even a contest?


5thsister said...

You win...hands down. But then again, I'm a girl!

Sanna said...

Well, I guess that really depends on if you are a boy or girl...:)

tsinclair said...

You are so funny, but I admit to doing the same thing. Only problem is that I have 2 boys and neither one of them tend to think shopping is fun - even when I throw in some treats.
By the way, I like Alex's hat. :-)

Oh, and just to clarify --- you won!

~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

I can so relate! Christian and I get competitive with the littlest things; like, when we drive in separate cars, we each try to prove our route is the quickest home. (We don't speed! Really...not too much...not outside the subdivision...)

I didn't know you blogged! And for years now!! I'm so excited to follow you here. I love it!

The kids and I also set up a family blog, where the kids write their own blog posts. It hasn't been updated since the spring, but we plan to get it up and running smoothly in 2011. Here's the LINK

Thinking of you all!

dclouser said...

What a fun day with your girls! You will enjoy them more and more as they grow up. I have a sneaking suspicion that the boys had a pretty great time too (except for the haircuts!).

@nnie said...

hahahahahaha! this post is too funny. Ding, ding, ding WINNER!

CrossView said...

You so won! But... only if you're a girl! LOL! You won't catch any of our males going for chocolate OR manicures! :O)

Looks like much fun for all!

I LOVE your wedding ring, by the way. Stunning!

Arby said...

Sorry, the last picture wins!

Amy @ Cheeky Cocoa Beans said...

Oh, yes, you totally won. Arby's comment doesn't count since he's a boy. ;)