Monday, December 6, 2010

It Snow Lie, Just the Facts

Fact #1: By some strange, divine prodding or something, I felt strongly inclined yesterday on my secret shopping trip to not only do a little shopping to help Santa, but also to finish purchasing the items the kids need to play in the snow like boots and waterproof gloves.

Fact #2: In anticipation of the snow forecasted for the end of this week, Michael drew a snow picture. It features two smiling faces in the middle of the picture which belong to Michael and his brother. They are hiding behind a barricade of piled snow. There are snowmen guards. And piles of snowballs. A zigzaggy design lines the perimeter to show the walls of snow with some windows cut in it for easy snowball firing. And with whom does Michael plan to be at war? His sisters of course.

Fact #3: Meterologists get paid too much.

Fact #4: When I glanced outside last night before bed to see if there were still any little flurries dancing around, I discovered a white lawn.

Fact #5: I had to be out the door by 7:15 this morning to get our friend's daughter who babysat for us to the airport.

Fact #6: I have no clue how to drive in snow and ice.

Fact #7: I made it safe and sound.

Fact #8: The flurries are still falling and the sun is shining. It is beautiful.

Fact #9: The kids have been sick, but they will be going out to play later anyway due to the fact that I have that anxious feeling inside that tells me this may be their only chance this winter to play in snow. I know that is not true, but I have been conditioned to feel that way. So...someone may have pneumonia later, but we'll have gotten to play in the snow.

And Fact #10: I have come to realize that the advice that 100% of people in the know have given me is correct: It really is tolerable if you just dress right.


Teacher Mommy said...

HA! You're being won over. Now just wait a few years and you'll be sick of it like the rest of us. ;)

tsinclair said...

From the looks of the area (via your earlier pictures), I can only imagine that it would be beautiful covered in snow.

And yes, I am sure that proper preparation will help in any climate. So, you know the old saying - when in Rome...

moondustwriter said...

aww love the pictures
I remember all the delights I got to experience as a home school mom - like watching my son draw the picture instead of being handed a crumpled piece of paper at the end of the day

enjoy each moment - I know you have heart it but it really is worth the investment


CrossView said...

OH NO! They're getting to you. Run. Now. Get away!

Though I would love a good snowball fight! ;O)