Thursday, December 16, 2010


Arby at Boarding in Bedlam just gave me the Stylish Blog Award. To accept, I have to list 7 random facts about me and then pass it on.

Honestly, I'm not sure why I was given the award because

1. I am very stylishly challenged. I am not a sharp dresser. I don't do anything much with my hair. I usually put on a little make-up, but I most likely apply it incorrectly.

2. I do not like shopping (have I mentioned that before), a fact which plays a pivotal role in the fact that I am not very fashionable. You would think I would be fashionable because my idea of clothes shopping is to find something I like on a mannequin and buy it, and mannequins are usually pretty stylish, right? Problem is, the cheap stuff usually isn't what they dress the cute little mannequin in, so my husband helps me shop for clothes. He has much more patience than I do when it comes to digging through clothes racks looking for a good deal.

3. Besides lacking fashion sense, I am exceptionally mediocre at a lot of things. I can bake and cook, but you'd never find me on The Food Network. I can write, but I will likely never have a #1 bestseller (although my name is on obsolete GRE and SAT Study Guides). I can snap a picture, but I don't think I'll be asked to photograph any weddings any time soon. I can scrap a page of photos, but I'm not particularly crafty. I play volleyball, but I'm no longer as awesome as I was back in the day. I'm OK with this mediocrity, though, because I do my best in what I do, and that is really the important thing. Plus, I am exceedingly happy with my life just the way it is. Of course there is a list

4. I love lists.

5. of things at which I would love to become exceptionally exceptional: photography, writing, and cooking would top that list.

6. One of my favorite shows on TV right now is A&E's Hoarders. I realize that is a strange show to be hooked on, but the psychology behind all of the lives mercilessly dragged across the TV screen fascinates me.

7. If I had it to do over again, I would probably major in psychology instead of English. That or history. History fascinates me now that I have decided there is some value in knowing the past in order to make the present and future more bright.

8. Although I should not be admitting this since I have a little side business that depends upon my stellar teaching English skills, I do not favor "classic" novels/tales/books over your average Clancy/Ludlum/Grisham thriller. I find many of them tedious. Like Moby Dick. I have tried several times to read the book about the whale, but it simply bores me to tears. To Kill a Mockingbird is an exception; it is one of my favorite books.

9. If I had 3 wishes, they would be 1) a guarantee that my children will come to know, love, and grow in Christ, 2) to become a better mother, and 3) 6 never-ending plane tickets to anywhere we want to go whenever we want to get there (accommodations would be nice as well).

10. I do not like uneven numbers. When I turn the volume on the radio up, it must be set at even number intervals. Actually, the 5s are OK for radio volume too. I could have done 8 random things about myself to make this list even, but if I'm going to have 8, I may as well have 10 which is a much more rounded number than 8. And since I enjoy talking about myself, this works out quite well. Of course the fact that I like talking about myself could be #11, but then I would have to go to 15, and, well, I know there is just so much of this you can take.

So that is me in 10 random facts. I'm accepting of me. I'm accepting this award. And...I'm passing it on to: Days of Our Lives, Cheeky Cocoa Beans, and Down a Red Dirt Lane (just keepin' my Georgia peeps together!).


Arby said...

Very few of the awards given to me have anything to do with my blog. I've never been given a "You made me spit coffee on my computer" award, or the coveted "I shot soda out of my nose while reading your blog" award, both of which I have been told that I have caused to happen to people who read my blog. You received this award because I received this award. In order to play nice I had to follow the rules.

CrossView said...

You ARE one of the most stylish people. Ever! A heart the size of yours should set a trend! :O)

#10 is my favorite.

To Kill A Mockingbird is one of my favorites, too. And the movie version with Gregory Peck. *swoon*

Thank you for thinking of me!

dclouser said...

How about going on and getting a Masters in History or Psychology? It seems to me like your undergrad in English has stood you in good stead!
I'm the opposite of you - I like odd numbers!

Brownie said...

I enjoyed reading your list... far better than mine!