Wednesday, December 29, 2010

10 Confessions of a Blizzard Survivor

So maybe you're wondering how we weathered the blizzard, and here I am prattling on and on about inane topics like pine needles. In short, we survived. But I do have a few confessions to make:

Confession #1
This blizzard was my fault. I have been watching the forecast for weeks hoping against hope there would be snow during my parents' visit. I really, really wanted them to see it. Obviously, I got my wish, but all the white stuff here made us housebound, which meant that, although my folks got to see the snow, they didn't get to see anything else of New England. We had a good Christmas week anyway. And turns out they could have had a white Christmas if they had stayed at home.

Confession #2
Credit should be given to me and my family for the first white Christmas in Georgia in over a century. I know this because good things always happen when we leave a place. I mean, look at all of the shopping centers that sprang up all over the little town of Winder when we left 7 years ago. Not little town anymore, but more like big metropolis.

To all of my Georgia friends - you are welcome.

Confession #3
I already knew what my first real snow would be like. I had visions of me standing by the window, hot beverage in hand, watching big, fluffy snowflakes fall serenely from the heavens to alight gently on the delicate branches of the backyard trees. Instead those soft, gentle snowflakes were more like white streaks. And there was no serenity about it; the white streaks were hurled violently to the ground by furious wind.

Confession #4
The wind caused me great angst. It howled, it groaned. It threatened to snap the power lines; it threatened to pick up the house and dump it in the Land of Oz. It went on and on for a day and a night and a day. Even through double-paned windows, it snuck in, causing the curtains to flutter a bit. Moreover, because of the wind, all of the trees and many a hill were left naked. No soft, fluffy snow outlining each branch and creating a postcard perfect winter picture.

Confession #5
As this blizzard made its way up the east coast, I read a few blogs that depicted happy families cozying up for the blustery day, enjoying the snowbound time together. There were descriptions of games and fireplaces and hot cider and happy smiles. We didn't do anything. I am a preparer. I should have been more prepared. I should have had ready a List of Things to Do When We are Snowbound.

Confession #6
Remember that snow blower our landlord left us that my handy dandy husband was sure to fix? Neither he nor our neighbor could get it to work. I'd probably feel better saying that this meant Mark and I got out and shoveled the driveway and all of the sidewalks ourselves, but no. We hired someone to do it for us. Which will work out just fine for me when TravelDaddy is gone thankyouverymuch. Plus, I have my little men to help out if need be.

Confession #7
As shocking as it was to my Facebook friends who saw my pictures of the blizzard, I played outside with the kids. I even enjoyed it. I can do stuff, you know.

Confession #8
When I saw the elderly neighbor shoveling his driveway, I convinced the kids to be good neighbors and help him.

I watched them be good neighbors from the window. I felt bad because it took them about an hour. But I was proud. So I made them hot chocolate with lots and lots of marshmallows.

Confession #9
I'm a little bit terrified nervous about driving in this stuff. My husband drove us to the airport this morning to drop off my parents. It seemed a little bit intimidating. My dear friend Tisha sent me a ha-ha-very-funny gift a few weeks ago. Actually, not so much ha-ha-very-funny but ha-ha-if-only-it-weren't-so-true. I plan to slap it on my car as soon as I decide to get behind the wheel and slide down the hill to the store venture out into the white wonderland.
bumper sticker

I continue to check obsessively for the next storm on the horizon. It will be lovely with big, giant, fluffy snowflakes that float gently to the ground. And even with the snow on the ground, it will be 80 degrees outside. Oh wait, that is my vision of Heaven.






Teacher Mommy said...

If you wanted the wonderland without the violence, you should be over here. :D

Linda said...

Your vision is EXACTLY what we had over the weekend here in Chicago! There is STILL snow resting on branches of the trees after nearly a week! Move here next, k?

Amy said...

The bumper sticker from Tisha is WAY too funny! I actually did LOL!

Amy @ Cheeky Cocoa Beans said...

Love the bumper sticker! LOL And you can tell your friends that people in Georgia do know how to drive in snow...we leave our keys on the dresser where they belong.

(Of course, that only works when the snow lasts 2 days.)

I'm enjoying your adventures! :)

Anonymous said...

I remember my parents' first winter 'up there.' Oh my! You sound a lot like they did...ha!

I like our snow here. Lasts two days and is GONE!!! Hope you get your big, fluffy flakes, though. :)

tsinclair said...

One thing about, you will always remember your first real snow in CT. :-)

Looks like a lot of fun, at least once the wind part died down so you could go out and play.

And as long as you can have your groceries and oil delivered, you really don't have to leave the house until Spring. :-)

@nnie said...

I have a feeling that next blizzard, you WILL have a Things To Do During a Blizzard List prepared. :-) glad you made it through alive!

5thsister said...

What I love about if and when we get snowfall here in NC is that it is short lived and usually melted by the 2nd or 3rd day. I don't mind being homebound for a day but then I begin to get a little squirrelly and stir crazy.

Your photos are terrific, btw, especially of your daughter.

CrossView said...

Because of you, there was a blizzard. Do your neighbors know this?

Glad you survived! But oy!

Ditto on lovin' that bumper sticker! :O)