Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Random Thoughts

No, I have not yet determined the secret ingredients for Chef Mark.

What have I been doing? Taking the kids to and from sports camps, trying to entertain the Princess, planning the next school year, taking care of puppy, wishing I could take a nap.

I've never been so well-planned for a school year. Usually, I just make my Master Plan spreadsheet and wing it from there, but this year, inspired by Tisha, I have made all the copies I will need for every single lesson, which means I will not have to spend 2 hours every Sunday getting ready for Monday.

I'm tired. Not so much because of the puppy, though I do get up once per night with her. My neck/back does not let me sleep much.

I'm going to a real doctor today. As much as I used to think it was a fake disease, based on the type of back/neck pain I have coupled with the many other things that haven't been "quite right" over the years, I suspect I have fibromyalgia. We'll see what the doctor says.

The other day I was floating peacefully (well, as peacefully as one can with Great Mayhem occurring on all sides by the likes of 4 children) on a raft. I was quite comfy. Do you think I should try sleeping there one night? Bet it would be the best sleep ever.

After having seen Daisy's mom "great with milk", the kids all think that when we get Daisy spayed, she will have her nipples cut off.

This is our new dog skin rug:


Arby said...

Spaying = nipples cut off. Classic!

CrossView said...

Pleeeeeease update on what the doctor says!

And kudos for being so well-planned! Impressive! I'm thrilled when I get two days in advance... =P

Maybe you could build one of those water/sleep chamber-thingies that Michael Jackson had??!!

Your rug is ADORABLE!

tsinclair said...

My rationale for planning to help me stay accountable, as the work is there - just do it. Let's hope it works. :-)

Maybe you need a waterbed? :-)

Those rugs are that they are contagious. :-)

@nnie said...

praying for wisdom for dr and that he/she can give you some answers and relief! your doggie is too cute. stay tuned for a new puppy post of our own!

dclouser said...

So sorry to hear about your health. Hopefully this will pass soon and you won't have F. Your puppy is too adorable!

Kathleen said...

Looks like it is probably fibromyalgia, although the doc is still running a few more tests to rule out other stuff. I'd be happy to get a diagnosis so at least then I would know what's wrong.

Crossview, you seem to be a lot more intimately acquainted with the late MJ than me. What is this water bed-thing you speak of?