Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Odds and Ends

Independence Day was uneventful. Which I suppose is a good thing. No burned meats on the grill. Maybe a few burned marshmallows, but that kind of heat just melts the chocolate better.

No unintended fires or explosives in the face. Which is surprising since the kids took over some of the fireworks. Just the weeny, Georgia ones, though. In Georgia real fireworks--as in the kind that actually leave the ground, shoot up into the sky, and go boom--are illegal. So naturally, we always smuggle some good ones in from South Carolina or Florida or Tennessee or Alabama. We had a few good ones this year, and Mr. Fireworks himself took care of lighting those fuses. The kid next door shared his box of Georgia fireworks with us. The children really enjoyed them, although I think they may have had more fun lighting them (under close supervision of course!) than actually watching them spark.
The Water Park was lots of fun until two busloads of camp/daycare children showed up. Nothing against buses or daycare/camp kids. It's just that I. Don't. Like. Crowds! Thankfully we showed up as the gates opened, so we had an hour or two of peace before the crowds descended on us--not complete solitude but not pool wall to pool wall full of children.

School Planning is underway. Can you believe I haven't talked about planning yet and we're only a little over 3 weeks 'til our next school year starts again? (We start August 2 in our homeschool--always the first Monday of August.) It's not that I haven't planned. I just haven't been very talkative about it. If you want to see our curriculum for the year 2010-11, click on the "Our Curriculum" link at the top.
And that's it. Here's hoping my creative juices begin to flow between now and August 2 because as of this moment, they are certainly dammed up somewhere (and no, Alex, that is not a bad word in that context or with that spelling).


Linda said...

Wow. Three weeks. That just strikes terror into my heart. I feel like summer just started and you're already talking about school starting again!! I don't start until after Labor Day, so I guess I can relax for a little while longer!! Do you ever come to the Atlanta HS convention the last weekend in August??? I'll be there...would be very cool to meet you!

Linda said...

Whoops. End of July.

Arby said...

You don't like crowds, but you love Disney? There's a rock and a hard place.

5thsister said...

Where has the summer gone? This will be the first time in years that I am not homeschooling. Bethany had a very successful 1st year of high school at the charter school and I am letting Paul start middle school there as well. I pray it goes well for him...he's such a sensitive soul.

Kathleen said...

If you go to Disney in September, there are no crowds!

Anonymous said...

Yes it is!!! (lol)-alex p.s. u need to change it there r children around!! (lol)

CrossView said...

Hope you get undammed soon! Sorry! That's fun!

Looks like fun!

We live near the state line of 2 states. So we just have a short drive for our contraband! LOL!