Friday, July 23, 2010

More Random Thoughts

NO, I have not yet determined the secret ingredients for Chef Mark!

I do believe I used very poor timing in this whole secret ingredient thing. I wasn't able to get to it this past week. I could now, but we already have enough groceries in the house to make it through the week, so it seems a waste to throw in more ingredients to go buy. weekend we have a guest here. Hmmm...I wonder if she would like to be on the receiving end of Chef Mark's Mealtime Challenge? I suppose it would be nice to have an extra judge. I'll have to give that some thought.

Our mysterious house guest--and possible second judge? One of my dearest friends from boarding school! I have not seen her in 10 years. I can't wait to see her! She has been over a year without her husband as he has been serving in Iraq. He's back now. I'm so happy for her! Since she plans to begin homeschooling next year, the SE Homeschool Expo here in Hotlanta caught her eye. She asked me if it's worth it to attend such a thing.

"Worth it?!" I exclaimed. "Of course."

"Could you go with me?" she asked.

Ummm...well. I've sorta, kinda been banned from the SE Homeschool Expo. By my husband. I mean, I know I have my next school year planned by May or June. And I know I have all of my curriculum ordered and in hand by May or June. And I know I start school the first Monday of August, and the SE Homeschool Expo does not occur until the weekend before the first Monday of August. But that does not mean I don't NEED all the things I buy at the SE Homeschool Expo. I really could use some more understanding in this house.

Anyway, what is a caring friend like me to do? I mean, here is someone in need. I'm nothing if I'm not helpful. So I happily reluctantly agreed to accompany her to the Expo. Someone's gotta do it, I guess.

I have promised my husband I will go and leave with not a penny spent. Ahem.

My boarding school friend is not the first one to ask me to go to the SE Homeschool Expo this year. My blog friend Linda is an exhibitor at the Expo, and she suggested that we meet face-to-face for the first time. She was the first one to throw temptation my way, and with great strength, I resisted it. After all, I knew she would be busy working. Plus, she is a veteran homeschooler and does not require my guidance and great wisdom. I promised her that this year I would squirrel away some money so that I could go next year, meet her, and do the Expo right.

But now...since I am such a helpful friend, I will also get to see Linda!! She will be my first blog friend I've met face-to-face!

I had my appointment with the real doctor. He has all but concluded that I do indeed have fibromyalgia. He did have me go to the lab to give blood in order to rule out any other anomalies. I gave just about all of the blood I own. And it took forever. The phlebotomist (I've always wanted to use that word in a blog post) didn't know what she was doing and tied the band around my arm like a decoration instead of a tourniquet; the blood merely drip-dropped into the 5 huge tubes I had to fill.

Anyway, even if there is no cure, I'm happy to have sort of a diagnosis as that is a weight off my mind. The doc offered me some dietary suggestions, told me to take more vitamins, get a little exercise, and get more sleep.

The sleep thing is really the hardest thing for me. I'm a night owl and love using my evening and night time to get Stuff done. And I don't get that much of an opportunity to sleep in with a house full of kids (and a puppy). So when the doctor asked me if I was getting 7 1/2 - 8 hours of sleep, I just kind of gave him a blank stare. When I told him I get, at most, 6 hours, he said, "You really must do something about that. It's important."

So...OK. Well, the puppy at least is being very cooperative in me getting more sleep. She went from 11:30-6:00 last night! And I may up her bedtime to 11:00 as 6:00, even for a night owl, is an optimal time for a homeschooling mother to rise if she wishes to be organized and ready for the day ahead.

So if I gave Daisy an earlier bedtime, that would mean a whole 7 hours of sleep. Of course, that doesn't really mean that because it generally takes me at least an hour to fall asleep. So then we're back to 6 hours. So I've made another change. In order to clear/settle my mind, I am forcing myself to turn off the computer at 10:00 and just relax until bedtime. It has worked the last couple of nights because I have fallen asleep much more quickly.

And so I don't risk putting all of you to sleep, I shall ramble no more...


5thsister said...

I that you have a definitive diagnosis you can go from here, researching and learning how best to cope.

I eagerly await Chef Mark's challenge.

And oh so jealous you get to meet a bloggy friend! Have fun with your house guest and have the best time at the expo!

Teacher Mommy said...

I was misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia years ago (I realize now it was depression--odd, really, since usually the situation is reversed), and learned a good bit about it. I'm glad you have been (all but) diagnosed, and I truly hope you find relief!

Bunch of Barrons said...

Glad you're getting things figured out with fibromyalgia. Me and my husband are the opposite...I get on HIS case for spending money. haha. ;)

Amy @ Cheeky Cocoa Beans said...

I'm praying for you, my friend, that you will have the correct diagnosis and treatment (including enough sleep), and that your pain is relieved. (Did you try sleeping on that raft? ;) But seriously...would a different kind of pillow help? That may be worth checking out.)

Have fun at the Expo!

dclouser said...

Praying for you, Katy. I didn't deal with sleep issues until menopause and they are NOT fun. Hope you enjoy the homeschool expo. Wish I could go with you!

Tatiana said...

So sorry to hear about the fibromyalgia; I was diagnosed over 15 years ago, and know what it's all about. There's a lot you can read about it, but for a little personal advice: calcium, magnesium, gentle exercise, and yes, sleep, all help a lot. The tricky thing with sleep for me is I actually feel better at night and worse in the morning. It's common with fibromyalgia. But good luck to you - it can get better!

Anonymous said...

RE: the EXPO!!! This is the first year I will NOT be attending. Sniff. But Chef Mark might like my suggestion....leave your wallet at home??? I know, not fun at all. I love that expo. I'm going to miss it terribly!!! It's soooo tempting to see all that wonderful STUFF for school!!!
Again, sniff. It'll be a sad day for me indeed....

Linda said...

I'm sorry that is it what it is, but I'm glad for you to know. Not knowing is worse.
I hope you can get rest.

tsinclair said...

On nights that I am not working, I try not to look at my computer after 9:00 (10:00 at the latest) - usually I am asleep between 10 & 11:00.

However, on my best nights, my alarm never goes off before 7:00. :-)

Arby said...

I'm jealous! Linda comes to Witchita every year, but that's 3 1/2 hours away and I have no reason to drive that far for a convention when there is one, one hour away. Boo. And she was out of town when I was in Chicago! Boo!

CrossView said...

If you have a guest, that's the perfect time for The Challenege! ;o)

And you are such a good friend! Going out of your way to go to the Expo and all...

Dang. Maybe I need to head to Hotlanta. I could sneak up on you AND Linda! Or just take paparazzi photos from a distance. BWAHAHAHA!

I love the word "phlebotomist". I thought about being one just so I could say I was one! LOL! Course, I also call them vampires. Just sayin'...

And a diagnosis is always a good thing. Hard to map out a course if you have no idea of the destination! 'Cept for that exercise thing. Why do they have to get ugly about it?

And sleep? What is that exactly?