Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Daisy Update

You're probably wondering how Life with Daisy is going. Or not. I'll tell you anyway. She's a great little puppy. And once I'm not so tired, I will enjoy her even more. She's actually doing great at night; it's just me and my poor sleeping habits that are bringing on the fatigue.

The first night she was home she cried all night, and I'm not sure I slept at all. Not because her crying was keeping me awake; we put her and her crate in a back room. I was awake most of the night worrying that she was keeping everyone else awake.

They all slept soundly.

The next night not a peep from her. I didn't sleep much. I lay there waiting for her to wake up and start crying so I could begin worrying about her keeping everyone else awake even though they were all sleeping soundly.

She's been great at night since then, and I've been catching a few more winks; however, I am still setting an alarm to get up once during the night to take her out. Waking up at 3am wouldn't be so bad if I would go to bed before midnight. Of course the waking up at 6:30 isn't helping, but I would have to do that puppy or no puppy because I am being Responsible now and trying to get the kids off to basketball camp on time.

But sleeping patterns--Daisy's and mine--aside, she is doing great. Best thing I did was purchase some baby gates to confine her to the kitchen. That way I do not have to spend my entire day following her around to make sure she is not looking for a potty. I just moved my office (translation: my computer) into the kitchen, and we all basically live in here. She has had only 2 accidents and already tries her best to tell me when she needs to go. She knows her name and how to sit. Not bad for less than a week!

She does not like her crate, but hopefully she will get used to it over time because there's no way she is going to have free range of the house--or even just the kitchen--while we are away. That would certainly be cause for more worries than I already have lying in bed while everyone else is soundly sleeping.


CrossView said...

ROFL! Sorry! Probably not funny to you. But that sounds so much like me....

I say we need to schedule some serious nap time in the day - for the adults!

tsinclair said...

lol...well, I must say one thing. You have me sold on the PS classes. I told Paul about it and even he agreed that next time we might have to try it.