Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Little Simple Things

Little Simple Things

The world goes round
And sometimes it drags ya down
Leaves ya dancin' on quicksand
And when ya fall
Can seem like no one cares at all
But I'm always here to give a helpin' hand

I've had days
Stuck inside a lonely maze
Scared and cold, feelin' half past gone
Then you walk in
And help me learn to laugh again
Somehow you help me find the strength to carry on

It's the little things like you and me
Underneath the cherry tree
Talkin' 'til the Monday mornin' light
It's the simple things like family
Bein' loved and bein' free
They let me know it all will turn out right

When things get rough
You know you've finally had enough

But you're still rollin' straight downhill
You need to know
There's still hope when you're down low
Well, the world won't tell ya true, but I sure will

In my life
I've known quite a bit of strife
But my faith has kept me strong
And when I lose
Don't know which new path to choose
All those little simple things help me along

lyrics by Kristan Mikala

One of my best bloggy friends, Crossview, has this daughter, Kristan, who is amazingly talented. Sure she's short, but her voice more than makes up for her stature. Oh, OK, I'll leave it to Crossview to continue the short jokes (and she will!). Let me just say that I was pleased to have the opportunity to listen to Kristan's first CD!!

If you know me, you know that I am not a huge fan of country music. However, Kristan's voice is so pure and beautiful, PLUS she left out all the twangy stuff I don't like about country music, PLUS her lyrics are so poetic and meaningful, I completely appreciate the whole CD. The song above is one of my favorites because it's fun; another of my faves is called All the Pieces. Not quite as light of a song, but a beautiful song!

Well done, Kristan! I now one Mama who's mighty proud!!

And how can you own Kristan's first CD? Just email her at kristanmikala@gmail.com!


Bunch of Barrons said...

Cute pictures...love the lyrics to that song! :)

Arby said...

Great pictures!

tsinclair said...

love the pictures with the lyrics

Anonymous said...

How did I miss this post!! That's awesome...I'm such a music lover!! All kinds!! Gonna have to get my hands on her CD! Thanks for posting her email!

CrossView said...

Thank you! I am proud. But mostly because of her heart! ;o)

Linda, She'd be honored!