Saturday, January 2, 2010

Party Animals We Are....Not

We did watch the ball drop. We just did so from the comfort and warmth of bed. We're party animals like that. I'm aware of how boring we are when the new year rolls around. "Someday," I tell my husband every year, "when the kids are grown and gone, we are going to reserve a room at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square and do the New Year right. Of course, we could reserve such a room and take the kids along. But that sounds like a lot of work.

As far as they were concerned, they partied hardy this New Year's. We let them stay up until midnight, which all but the Princess did very willingly; she lasted until about 11:00. We warned them that watching the ball drop wasn't all that exciting on a TV screen. And we were right, of course. "Where is the ball?" "You mean that's the ball?" "Where is it going to drop?" "Will it break?" "Wait. I can't see the ball." 30 seconds and it was over.

At which point, we informed the children that they were to tuck us in for a change and go to bed. Saved us having to get out of bed.

New Year's Day was quite uneventful. We don't do football around here. Generally, I catch a few snippets of the Rose Parade because I like to watch the floats make their way through my old neighborhood. I kinda forgot yesterday it was even on.

We did get the Princess' ear re-pierced. She was a trooper. I was a little nervous because when we got to Claire's a little girl Audrey's age was in the hot seat. And she screamed bloody murder when the piercing occurred. I think time stood still for a moment as her little scream echoed throughout the entire mall. There's no way Audrey will climb back up in that chair now, I thought. But she did. And opted to sit on Daddy's lap. There were a few tears, but the cure-all Lollipop did the trick again. And now her head is no longer lopsided.

And just to show you the camera still works even when nothing of consequence is happening 'round here, some shots from New Year's Day:

She sits here every night to have her piercings cleaned and to brush her teeth. Quite the prima donna, isn't she?

I call them Grandpa Joe and Grandpa George, but even if you don't get the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory reference, they're pretty cute in bed, especially with their eye masks on. These masks were part of an overnight airline kit their uncle, who just returned from visiting Africa, supplied them with.

And my beautiful girl who spent much of New Year's Eve bragging about how this was the second turn of a decade she has witnessed. Oh, and how she has also been part of a turn of the century, though I don't think she remembers as much from her first New Year's as a 2-week-old as she claims.

This year, I resolve to take as many pictures of the other children as of the "baby". I just can't help it. She's so stinkin' cute. NOT that the others aren't just as stinkin' cute, but they do not cooperate for photos as she does. That's my excuse, and I'm stickin' to it!


Billy Barron said...
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Bunch of Barrons said...

I'm not much of a "party animal" either...but we did actually do something fun this time around. :) Cute pictures! :)

P.S. I accidentally commented with my hubby's account a second ago. So no...some weird guy you don't know is not stalking you. :) haha!

CrossView said...

That sounds like a wonderful evening to me! And for the last few years, it's what ours looked like. This year we did stay up all night. We got home at almost 3 a.m. That was because the 20-yr old had a New Year's Eve show and it dang near killed me. ;o)

Oh! In all fairness to you, the youngest ones tend to "do" more photo op things. The older mine get the less they're willing to have me take photos. =(

@nnie said...

my sister and i were watching times square in new york on new year's eve (talking by phone) and she said "i'd love to go there for New Year's Eve." "Not me!" I said! I'll go to New York for NYE, but I will be sitting in my hotel room watching the festivities from the comfort of my warm bed. :-) Much more fun to me. Here's to homebodies!

Kathleen said...

Annie...when I said one day we'd go to NY for the ball drop, I definitely meant that we would watch from our hotel room! :) That standing outside in the COLD for HOURS??? NOT for me! :)

Arby said...

I hope you weren't watching on CNN.

tsinclair said...

For some reason I have never had a desire to go to the "city" for the festivities.

Our evening was very similar, however we did agree that it was the one night the boys could stay up as late as they wanted.

Matthew konked out around 1:00, bout the same time as me. Paul said that Austin made it til about 3:30. I have no idea why, I guess just to say he did. Of course, the next morning was nice and quiet...a very good way to start the New Year.

Oh, I would probably also have the same problem as you with the pictures. The older kids just don't like the camera and the Princess is very stinkin' cute. :-)

Kathleen said...

Arby ~ CNN? What's CNN? :) Nah...watched Bill Hemmer and Megyn Kelly ring in the new year!

Mominin said...

Looks like a fun night! I had to laugh ... one of our boys asked if the ball was going to break, too.

applesofgold said...

Hi there! I've missed your blog & rediscovered it. The kids are getting so big & they are as adorable as ever. I really enjoyed catching up with you a bit. Holly

dclouser said...

Great photos! Loved the one of the boys with their masks - they are too funny. Happy New Year to all!

Bernie said...

I love the picture of your daughter brushing her teeth. Too cute!