Thursday, January 14, 2010

Little Mommy

We were working on our letters and phonics. There was a picture of a rainbow, a wagon, a goat. She was to circle the letter each picture begins with and then write the letter in the space to the right. She was doing the work--circling each correct answer, carefully forming the letter in the space. But her mind clearly was not on her work.

"Mommy." It was a statement but said in such a way as to obtain permission to digress from the work at hand.


"When I'm away from my babies for just 10 minutes, Belle watches them. She puts on shows for them to watch."


She nodded.

"You know," I suggested hopefully, "you could tell Belle she could read stories to the babies. Because reading books is so much more fun than watching TV."

"Oh, yeah," she said thoughtfully, "they read books. And watch shows."

"What do they watch?" I asked.

"The babies watch Dora. Belle watches the news."


Arby said...

See, and my boys would let the dolls starve to death if they were in charge. Girls are so much more maternal, like the Captain, who drags her dolls down the hall by their ankles...

CrossView said...

LOL! Sweet! And since that looks just like THE Belle from Beauty and the Beast, then she IS a reader! But I guess she must watch the news if she's all grown-up. That's what all the boring grown-ups do!

Baby Mama said...

hahaha so sweet! i love little imaginations!