Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Lazy Snack Plan

I'll admit I'm a lazy mom. Especially when it comes to the small stuff. Like snacks. Ten minutes after lunch has ended. Generally when I get the question, "What's for snack?" immediately following a meal, I answer with a, "Well, let's see...there is some cauliflower and broccoli. I'll be happy to cut some up for you."

For some reason, that suggestion always cures the snacking hunger.

This morning about 10 minutes after breakfast, Audrey wanted to know if there was anything to eat.

"You just ate," I reprimanded.

"But I'm still hungry," she countered, a little on the whiny side.

"I've got some carrots," I offered with little conviction.

Her eyes lit up. "O-tay!" she said.

"Ooooo-kaaaay," I said (to myself).

So my How-to-Get-Out-of-Making-Them-a-Snack Plan backfired. But I'm OK with that.


MelissaL said...

At least she's eating carrots! I don't have kids but that kind of stuff always backfires on me with my husband.

CrossView said...

BAHAHAHA! Backfired! But in a good way, at least... ;o)

5thsister said...

What an adorable carrot munching cutie pie!

Arby said...

I can assist with this problem. My children get the carrots out of the fridge and eat them. Whole. Uncut. Unpeeled.

the lewis 4 said...

Ha! The healthy snack alternative always gets my son out of wanting to snack. My daughter? Yeah she'd totally eat the carrots too. :)