Monday, August 3, 2009

The F Word

I woke up this morning feeling...sore. As I usually do on a Monday morning after having dragged my old body out on a sand volleyball court to attempt to play a young game for a few hours. We do have fun. It's just that I've acquired a few injuries along the way. Like my right index finger that keeps getting jammed or bent back at a right angle. And my left foot which I used to kick the ball because I was too lazy to move; somehow I kicked it wrong, injuring an old surgical scar. It all boils down to the fact that I am not at all flexible and feel even less so on Monday mornings.

I think perhaps I may have mentioned before that I am nothing if I'm not flexible. Right. Clearly this must be the lesson I am supposed to be learning. We always start school the first Monday of August. As I mentioned at 10:41 while live blogging from the Shoe, there was an impromptu meeting scheduled regarding Bright Futures Academy for this, my first day of school. Of course I am using MY definition of "impromptu". To some "impromptu" probably means, "Hey, do you have a few minutes right now so we could meet and iron this out?" To me, "impromptu" means a couple of weeks ahead of the impromptu-ly scheduled event but after I already have the calendar filled in.

Anyway. Like I said, I'm nothing if I'm not flexible, so I figured no problem, we'll start school Tuesday instead. So I re-planned everything around that. Then there was the phone call yesterday moving the meeting to today, causing a great flurry of activity around the calendar.

Flexible. Be flexible.

We made it through. Wasn't a stellar first day of school, but we made it through.

Of course there is that other matter of the impromptu Parent Orientation which I found out at today's meeting is this Sunday during the time that I ordinarily find myself out in the sand feeling 100 years old. Flexible. I'm going to be flexible. Because if I'm flexible about the meeting, I'm sure to be much more flexible next Monday morning, right?


Arby said...

All this time I thought the "F" word was


mareseatoats said...

We start school next week. My sister and her kids left today so I am taking the next few days to relocate my house and repair all the damage that 5 kids, well, 3 kids (the boys, of course) did. We had a shelf come down, a light switch mangled, a book shelf um... redesigned, a bunkbed guard rail split, red clay smeared on the back door, perler beads strewn everywhere.... Oh my, the list goes on. I didn't realize how much they had done until I started listing it all out. Ahh well,it sure was a lot of fun!

CrossView said...

ROFL! I think I would drive you crazy in no time!

I'm still undecided on when school will start here. Though I do think we have all our books.

I'm waning between today or tomorrow. Or maybe next Monday. My youngest is much like you. Maybe I'm teaching her to be flexible. Or maybe I'm causing her future insanity.

Tisha S said...

I have to admit, I am not as flexible as I would like to be. I plan things, often times way in advance. I plan too many things according to my family. Therefore, I can admire the efforts it takes for you to "roll with it". :-) Good luck, we start school next week.

TeacherMommy said...

Sigh. I really do need to start prepping for school to start in a month, especially since I am now teaching Brit Lit and it's a whole new class AND curriculum for me.

But for you: while it sounds like you're very organized and have things well in hand, I saw some hints and all over on Fiddledeedee, and I figure any teacher can always use ideas, so here's the link: