Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Big Sister

Today is my baby's 4th birthday, so I know the day should be all about her. And it has been...she woke up to the customary birthday banner that was put up in her room after she fell asleep. And she had Birthday Cake #1 at lunch so she could celebrate with her Dana and Papa. Tomorrow the real birthday festivities will take place, though, so I know tomorrow will certainly be all about her.

Today I have to put the spotlight on the compassionate, thoughtful, sweet young lady who is always at her side: her big sister. Her big sister is, at this moment, busy putting together a scavenger hunt for tomorrow's big party at the park. Shamefully, I admit that I have not had time to plan any party games, and my eldest was very concerned about this. So she sat down at the computer and has compiled a list of very creative things for two teams to search for at the park, including a frog and a stick shaped like a Y. Additionally, she has already split the children up into two teams; I am not sure how fair the teams are. In fact, I bet you anything she put her best friend on her team, but the teams are set at any rate.

Besides playing a vital role in the party plans, Alex has blessed her little sister with a very special gift. Several days ago, she painted a pretty birthday card for Audrey. And last night she surprised her with a set of coupons. Coupons like "2 piggy back rides", "1/2 hour of Polly Pocket play" (I wasn't aware my nine-year-old had outgrown Polly Pockets!), and "2 books read". My favorite, though, is the one that says, "Love forever".

This morning I told Alex what a fantastic idea her coupons were and how much they meant to her sister. Alex told me, "Well, I wanted to do more for her than just give her a card, so that is the idea I came up with."


Anne said...

those girls are beautiful outside AND in. I love what big sis did for little sis. Wish mine were at that point!

Sweet post. And happy birthday Audrey!

Courtney said...

Aww! So sweet that she's looking out for her little sister. I love it when they do that!
Happy Birthday Audrey!

CrossView said...

*sniff* How awesome! Honestly, I wish I would have had a big sister like that!

Tisha S said...

How sweet!!! What a wonderful big sister.

4 Lettre Words said...

So beautiful! Love it.